Network issues on one Unifi ap not the others!

Can you try cutting it out temporarily to see if it’s the switch or the cables. Or is that not possible? Are using the PoE injectors for the AP?

I just tried without the switch, and it seems to be working.
So now i know it is the switch somehow!?

Can i buy any switch i could find or is it something that i need to know to run Roon??

A Poe switch with not enough power will give no end of issues…

Any switch will do but it’s best to find one that’s known to work well with mulitcast traffic. If it’s also providing power to the AP via.PoE then you need one that supports the right protocol the ap.does and has enough power. If your using the aps provided poe adaptors then power won’t be an issue. The AC lite supports 802.3af/A PoE, 24V Passive PoE. So it would need to support this.

I am using the 16 port version of this switch and it works fine. For the price ($20 here in the US) it would be worth a try. Can you bring it back to the dealer if it doesn’t work?

Ah, just noticed you said PoE for the APs, this switch does not do PoE.
Is the AP on an injector now? If so, it’s still worth a try to use TP switch until you get your unifi switch.

I have ordered " Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Switch Lite 8-POE" i found one dealer who has it.
$40 more expensive than the cheapest but im a little desperate :wink:

Thanks everybody for your help!!!

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As long as it is unmanaged, it should be ok for Roon.

That’s why it’s important to get an unmanaged switch.

This I cannot agree with, a managed switch is fine if you follow up on how to use it and do some homework. I am no network expert but use 5 Unifi switches in my network, all managed and all works perfectly. In the wrong hands yes it can lead to problems but so can any non managed network device, mesh systems being very high on that list going by support on here.


Most issues with people getting managed switches are they don’t know how to or have a way to manage them. Unifi is not that hard and for the most part a basic setup will work fine, but you can always break stuff if you mess with the wrong settings.

I have near 60 devices on my Unifi setup with many AP’s and switches and no issues what so ever. I do profess to know what I am doing as a networking specialist in past positions (now semi retired) and I support at least 4 other clients with networks in the commercial space (non Roon).

Anyway it sounds like you have a bandwidth issue so work that out first.

Unifi is a very capable option and works well for Roon too.


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