Network streamer DAC for $1k / alternative to Matrix Audio Mini-i pro 3?


I’m looking for a DAC/Network streamer all in one box where I can just plug in a network cable and it gives me RCA analogue output.

I currently have a Matrix Audio mini-i pro 3 in my office which I love and can’t fault so tempted to just buy another, however thought I’d check what other options there are?

MiniDSP SHD looks interesting… What else?

Matrix pro 3 is hard to beat for a single box

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Very hard to beat the mini-i Pro 3 as a 1 box solution. I own the MA mini-i Pro 3 and also the MA X-SABRE 3. The mini-i Pro 3 is very convenient but the X-SABRE 3 sounds better. I also own a Bluesound NODE (2021) which I have in my bedroom feeding a Topping E50 DAC. If you don’t mind having a second box next to the NODE, then the NODE + E50 Combo is also very nice.


Very nice. What sauce do u feed the Sabre?

I have a Matrix Audio Mini I Pro 3 and it sounds really good in my main system using balanced cables. I also have an Orchard Pecan Pi streamer/DAC connected to my AVR/TV system using RCA cables. That also sounds good. I briefly connected the Pecan Pi to my main system using RCA cables and it appeared to hold its own against the more expensive Mini I Pro 3. My initial reaction was that the differences between the two streamers were not significant. I have not tried the Pecan Pi using balanced cables with my main system.

The Mini I Pro 3 completely outclasses the Pecan Pi in terms of features, build, and functionality, which is why I purchased the Mini I Pro 3. The Pecan Pi like other Pi based systems are kind of clunky, but it really sounds good. Orchard Audio sells the Pecan Pi Ultra, which has a display that is much bigger than the display on the Mini I Pro 3.

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Thanks Alan, good to hear about the Pecan Pi’s.

I’ve got a couple of Allo Pi/SBC boxes but find the whole Pi/Linux/SD memory card a little unreaible. Sometimes they need rebooting or give strange issues, think they are great if you don’t mind fiddling, but want some more like the MA Mini i that just always works.


Did anyone with a MX Mini consider the CA CXN (V2)?

Thanks for the mention.

For anybody that is interested feel free to reach out with any questions. We are also having our annual Pi Day sale on 3.14