Network streamer with AES/EBU output + toslink input


I am trying to find a network streamer with toslink input(s) + digital AES/ EBU output.
I want to connect it to my D&D8C active speakers. I use TIDAL for streaming audio.

I have found the Cambridge 851N. Should work just fine.
Some other options?


Somebody on ASR forum mentioned D&D are coming out with a digital box of some sorts, to allow additional digital inputs.

We can ask @Martijn_Mensink if this is happening or maybe he can recommend something ?

The Cambridge Audio 851 & CXN are great devices but they are not Roon compatible

Search the forum for CXN there has been a lot of discussion about this

The best you can expect is AirPlay which is limited to 16/48

If you use the digital inputs you are effectively using it as. A DAC , the artwork display will not show

I have the CXN but rarely use it with Roon except for background music for this reason

The more recent CXN , v2 , has Chromecast but I am not sure if that extends to hi res, as far as I know the 851 doesn’t it’s older


Correct. Very interesting. But we dont know when its coming… and i need a component like this now. I will buy the D&D “player” in the future, for sure :slight_smile:

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Thank your for your reply.

The CXN doesent work for me, i need AES/ENU output. (Dont want the D&D to convert an analog input once again reaching the speakers.

Roon is not on my wishlist, today. Will be in the future.

Im wondering if there is any other brand offering something like the Cambridge 851N.
The 851N has Digital AES/EBU output. Toslink in (PS4, Bluray) and Tidal streaming for the music.


By AES/EBU do you mean XLS balanced outputs, 3 pin

If so the CXN does have these as well as RCA

As far as I know the difference between CXN and 851 is a better DAC, the both have the same streamer module, StreamMagic

This is the back Panel

He’s asking for an AES output which is a digital output used to feed a DAC. XLR balanced outputs are analog. 2 very different things.

The Lumin U1/U1 Mini have digital AES/ EBU outputs, but no digital inputs.

wikipedia failed me !

The same connector is used by both so it can lead to confusion.

No worries at all :slight_smile:
But you made me happy for a second…thought i missed something haha

Thank you for taking your time to help :slight_smile:

Most of the pure streamers have that, but like you say… no Toslink in.
This is what makes the component i am talking about harder to find…

Probably impossible.

I have found the Cambridge 851N , and the cocktail audio X50D and X50pro. Both do what i want and need, but i am trying to find something else. Something a little more better looking to the eye…

Sorry. I thought you wanted a ‘Roon Ready’ network player with those features.
As has already been said, the 851N and Cambridge network players will give you Airplay at 16/44.1 via Roon, but nothing more.

SimAudio I considered this for the Dutch & Dutch 8c while I waited for it to be Roon Ready. In the end I went for the cheap option – A Canakit Raspberry Pi into a Gustard U-32. Works great, but if I was going to use it long-term probably would have gone w/ the SimAudio.

Oops now I see this won’t do what you need either. But the Canakit + Gustard will work, since the Gustard had a Toslink input (I think).

Gustard U-12 and U-16 have a Toslink output. Can’t find a U-32?

Sadly you are doubly correct. U-12 (32 Bit) and yes it’s an output. Dag nabbit.

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Paging @Martijn_Mensink of Dutch & Dutch again, for any recommendation or advice…