Network Swtich setting advice?

Is there a doc or thread here on advice for optimal network switch settings?
I have some static issues with Roon and certain hi-res files that I believe might be solved by more optimal switch parameters.

Did a quick search, but did not find anything. But then again, my search skills don’t always seem to be up to snuff :wink:

Thanks for any help!

What kind of switch do you have? To my understanding, Jumbo frames are a no no with roon. I heard that some Layer 3 Switches can be problematic with Roon, And to be exact some L3 Switch block multicast by default which is needed by Roon.


Found the link with some awesome info by @AMP:

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Hey, thanks for the tid-bit.

I have a number of “managed” Pakedge or Luxull switched in the potential signal path.

A little while ago, I had a problem (lots of static) playing any hi-res files to a NAD M32. All equipment is contained in my office. Core running on my iMac, a local 8-port Pakedge switch and the M32 also connected to that same swtich. playing anything higher than 48kHz sampling rate intoduced a lot of static into the mix.
Not really knowing what I was doing, I went into the configuration pages of the switch and turned on “Flow Control” for the port that my iMac (and Core) were on. This solved the problem immediately.

Now, I just realized that I have a Bluesound Vault2 that is having the same symptoms when playing anything of 176kHz or higher. This time the chain is longer:

Core (iMac) -> 8-port Pakedge -> 24-port Luxul (my “central” switch) -> 12-port Luxul -> Vault2.

There are many settings in these Layer 3 switches that I just don’t understand, so I was looking for a “cheat sheet” here :wink:

I see. Well I have a L3 switch my self but I have everything disable except for a few vlans that I have in place even than does vlan do no forward to each other so pretty much a dumb down L3 to L2 switch.

In my experience you shouldn’t have to enable flow control. Looks like something is causing major traffic in your switch, You should investigate that…