Networks: 2.4Ghz vs 5Ghz

Hi. I’m no networks expert and can’t find anything in the other threads on this, so here goes:

I want to stream from a NAS -->Wifi --> Roon/Mac -->USB—>Devialet.
My Router supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands and so far I’ve just been fiddling with my 2.4GHz channels while trying out Roon but experienced a few dropouts (mainly I think due to contention as my missus was streaming netflix or something similar at the same time.)

I’m thinking of setting up a 5Ghz network dedicated to audio streaming:

  • Would this work (can’t see why not.)
  • Is anybody doing this already and what’s your experience?
  • Any gotchas?

Hardwired is of course best, but having a dedicated 5Ghz network for audio streaming sounds like a good plan.


If my devices are near each other, I use 5ghz as it is has more bandwidth.

If my devices are far, I use 2.4ghz, as it has better reliability at longer ranges.

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If my devices are supposed to talk to each other on a regular basis I use a wire, whatever the distance between them…

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I have separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 GHz and keep 5 GHz for the audio devices, including an Aries. It all works fine using fixed IP addresses.

In relation to your architecture, I would be inclined to have Ethernet between the NAS and Core and then any WiFi gap between Core and a streamer or bridge to the DAC. That way all the noisy computer stuff has no galvanic connection to the audio side. That may not be feasible for you, but Ethernet between NAS and Core is best.

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I’ve found on my AC capable Airport Extreme that throughput on 5 GHz diminishes rapidly with distance/obstructions (basically outside the same room), ending up often with 2.4 being the better choice.