New album of Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over the Country Club version Qobuz don't show on Roon

New album of Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over the Country Club version Qobuz don’t show on Roon as below.

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Yep, it’s everywhere except Qobuz/Roon.

Have the same here within Roon. Album doesn’t show up in Roon and Lana’s new album shows as an empty playlist in Roon if you have it added as playlist in your Qobuz app.

I know it often takes a few hours for albums to show up from Qobuz in Roon, but I have not known it take so long before…is there a specific reason for this one or do I just need to be (more) patient?!

This is getting so tiring and happens every week with more and more releases. I know how Roon works etc with dB dumps but this is just not good enough of an excuse any more for a premium product and I am fed up of defending it. I have made it a favourite it in Qobuz app so when it does eventually make it’s way it will pop up.

Every other playback system that supports Qobuz I can play the latest album by Lana Del Rey on day of release but Roon still doesnt see it on Sunday. They need to work out a better system to keep in sync with new releases as on Qobuz and Tidal as the current system is flawed and slow.

First world problem I know but I am paying first world prices for a very broken product right now on too many fronts. Luckily I have other ways to play it but when I have to do this it really makes me wonder what I am paying Roon for as its failed on the main reason I went for it. One app to control my music playback across the house.


Spotify hifi, and I’m gone… The competition never sleeps.

Doesnt do my own library though does it. It seems Roon does sleep rather a lot.

Nope, thats whats holding me back too… but I’m learning, lol.

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BubbleUPnP / RopieeeXL to the rescue for me.

This album is now available in Roon in both 16/44 and 24/48 versions in all Qobuz regions.

Apologies for the delay; we received the necessary metadata very late.

Hi Joel Its not synced through to my library even though its favorited in Qobuz, had to add manually.

If you favorize an album in Qobuz, before it is available to Roonlabs, it is never picked up automatically.
In case like this, I unheart in Qobuz, heart anew, synchronize manually via settings.
Is it not great how Roon involves you in the music?

I know this was available in Roon as of yesterday. I had added in Qobuz as a favourite on Friday. It should sync that to Roon as and when it available in Roons dB I should not have to add it. If so then again there is something broken and this is a poor UX.

Hi @anon90297517

Our team is looking into this and we have a ticket open. Apologies for the trouble!

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