New albums in watched folder not detected until a rescan forced

My music resides on a Linux file server and Roon connects via SMB. I added a handful of albums yesterday and an hour or so later was surprised to find they hadn’t appeared in Roon. I forced rescan and Roon found them.

Wondering whether this is expected behaviour for SMB shares? If so, perhaps a note should be added to FAQ.

Happens we me too. My files reside on a synology nas and just like you I always have to do a forced rescan to find new albums, with my watched folder being on an smb share

Same for me as well. I wonder if it requires and SMB 3.0 on the fileserver end to actually do proper real time monitoring ?. Unless your sharing out from Windows 8 and above (and perhaps select NAS devices that support this) ?

I’m running Windows 8.1 with Build 70 Stable. I have SMB 3.0. I have to manually force a re-scan every time.

Some guidance on what “in real time” is meant to mean would be appreciated.

I do find that quite a lot of the time when tracks are missing a force rescan won’t pick them up, even when they’ve always been in the same folder.

I think realistically speaking real time probably only applies to local filesystems and I doubt there’s much that can be done about that. I’m happy to have to force a rescan as it’s quick and painless. FAQ should just clarify the need to do so.

I have exactly the same thing, SMB shared on a QNAP NAS. Always need to perform a forced rescan to get (any) new albums showing up.
Some clarification on what is happening here (from Roon itself) would be a nice one :wink:

It is not an issue as such, but it would be nice to simply know for sure if this is normal behavior for some specific reason, as for the moment we all think it is, but nobody seems 100% sure.

@vova, I think you can consider QNAP and Synology the same here. Doesn’t seem specific to a brand.

We’re aware of some issues with the current approach, and we’re in the early stages of some plans to improve things for later this year.

For now, stick with the rescan, but know that we’re working on this.

Hi Mike,

We’ve discussed this a few weeks back. Any chance to have the forrce rescan button easier accesible. Now you have to dig into settings.

A simple rescan button on the overview screen would be nice

Adding a button to compensate for bad performance is kind of a last resort – we’re working on some real improvements in this area for 1.2, so let’s see how things go with our new strategy and hopefully we can actually get this working as designed.

Stay tuned @stevev1 - we don’t intend to have you digging into Settings every time you add an album, trust me.

Running on Linux with a local Watched Folder Roon doesn’t detect additions/ changes without a forced rescan. I added an albun yesterday and 24 hours later it had still not appeared. A rescan of the watched folder tree solved that. The scan’s pretty fast, so it’s no biggie to me.

Roon Core on a Intel NUC with Ubuntu Linux, watched library on Synology NAS mounted with SMB/CIFS. All software versions up to date. Sometimes new additions show up automatically, sometimes I need to do a forced rescan.

Same here with Roon server running on Server R2 and music on NAS.

Probably because Synology doesn’t implement the SMB3 file tracking stuff fully/properly. Roon are aware of the issue.

I couldn’t get real-time folder watching working satisfactorily either using my 1815+ as a network watched folder or even when I tested Roon installed on the NAS. Force rescan always needed.

I use a directly attached store now.

I have a LenovoEMC (Iomega) px6-300d with the same issue. I’d like to get rid of that directly attached

Now, let’s get real, those things, like QNAP and Synology, run Linux and Samba.

I have SSH access to my NAS, and access configs. It appears that Samba has the right stuff in it. However, Inotify, the kernel feature tracking file system changes, appears to be in a weird state.

Looking further…

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