New and confused user... major composers not showing in 'Composers' view


I’ve recently purchased a brand new iMac with a 2TB Fusion drive so that I can start to rip some of my CDs and get the benefit of downloaded HD music. My setup is as follows:

  • All music stored locally on the Mac, dBpoweramp for ripping CDs, iTunes disabled (the iMac has been purchased for exclusive use by Roon)
  • 1x Meridian MS600
  • 1x Meridian MS200

The network/endpoints are all working very well, but I’m having some issues with the ‘Composers’ view.

For example, I have an album by Tchaikovsky (which was added to my Library from Tidal) which is showing in my Albums view, but Tchaikovsky doesn’t show up in Composer view (if you view the album information the composer is definitely listed as Tchaikovsky, so the metadata is correct). It’s the same for another album composed by Feldman (downloaded from Hyperion).

It was the same for Debussy until I restarted Roon about 20 minutes ago, he then just appeared under ‘Composers’ having previously not been visible under ‘Composers’. But more restarting hasn’t made Tchaikovsky or Feldman show up…

I’ve seen some other posts about lesser known composers not showing up on the Composers menu, but I think we’ll all agree that Tchaikovsky doesn’t come under the ‘lesser known composer’ category.

I’ve also seen some other posts about having to wait 24 hours or so for the information to populate - but to reiterate, the albums and tracks are all showing, it’s just the ‘Composers’ view that’s the problem. And because I don’t have any network storage (everything is on the same iMac) I think its fair to discount any strange networking issues.

I’d really appreciate any help or insight as I’m very much looking forward to getting into Roon, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve fallen at the first hurdle!

Many thanks in anticipation,


Hi Nicholas,

I must confess to not using Composers myself, but it is, of course, vital to any self respecting Classical library and even I have heard of Tchaikovsky and Debussy. Feldman I shall have to look up.

Let’s drop some flags for @mike and @joel to look in, and if he will excuse my bothering him, it may be that @Ludwig has seen something similar.

Welcome to Roon!

Would you be able to upload some screenshots of the albums in question? If an album is not fully or properly identified, which often happens to Tidal albums, you may not get the correct composer credit, but I can’t tell whether that’s the case here without seeing your screen.

Assuming the albums really are 100% identified, the next question is, how much music by Tchaikovsky and Feldman do you have in Roon? If it’s “not very much” there is likely a problem with “interestingness” (an internal Roon parameter) which decides what gets displayed and what not. For example, I have 79 albums featuring Tchaikovsky’s music and they all link to his composer page with photo, biography and other information. Try adding some more Tchaikovsky and see if he suddenly becomes “interesting” in Roon’s terms.

Also be sure that the albums have “Classical” amongst their genres. That affects “interestingness” and how credits are therefore displayed.

The “interestingness” structure in Roon often doesn’t work in an appropriate way for classical. @brian is aware of this and I’m sure we’re likely to see changes in the future.

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Thanks so much for the welcome and speedy responses - I’m travelling now so it’s difficult to do too much but the Tchaikovsky album is new Petrenko recording of symphonies on Onyx from Tidal and the Feldman is new Steven Osborne recording downloaded from Hyperion.ILatter also has Crumb on it who doesn’t get picked up in Composers either whereas on a bunch of other discs I’ve burnt and one or two Tidals I’ve got some really really obscure (baroque or 20th century songs) composers who nonetheless have made it into the Composers.And Tchaikovsky has too,but only by virtue of some piano pieces on a recital disc,not because of the symphonies mentioned above which are still absent from Composers but in Albums.
Hope you can help !

This is pretty much the nub of the issue and something that we are aware of. @Nicholas_Prettejohn: how much Tchaikovsky do you have in your library? Had you added more Debussy prior to restarting Roon (and Debussy appearing)?

P.S. Strictly, I don’t start at Roon until tomorrow(!), but I’m endeavouring to get to grips with this stuff.

Thanks - my message above stands.I’m only just starting so I have only 20 albums or so.Tchaikovsky appeared when a recital disc with a few piano pieces on it was loaded from Tidal but the symphony album which is all Tchaikovsky didn’t and hasn’t. I have a number of single songs by obscure composers who appeared immediately in Composers.So I’m not sure some of the suggestions can apply.