New ASUS router still no fix found? Core does not connect to router

Here’s a different, somewhat wild, guess. I can’t remember when, but one or twice I had to wipe out all the configuration information for the Roon remote on my Android phone for it to (re)discover the core. I wonder if there’s some junk Roon configuration data on your Mac that is causing this. I’d remove ~/Library/Roon/* before reinstalling macOS Roon. Just in case…

Hi Rockhound, that was it! I started up the old router connected my computer and the Roon nuc to it, it connected fine. Went into Roon’s web console changed to DHCP. Now all is well on the new router. The DHCP range is indeed different on ASUS.
Thank you all for help that was a first to me on any sort of community support and how efficient!

Best to all

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Thanks all too - for the suggestions…

I told you it would be something really stupid!! I’ve got my iMac connected via wifi and hard wired via ethernet (for when doing bandwidth testing - to get the full 1Gb up/down :wink: )…

Anyway, as soon as I took out the ethernet cable, the Mac Roon Remote just found the ROCK instantly! Like magic! If I plugged the ethernet cable back into the iMac, the remote would be ‘looking for core’ again.

So to solve the issue, I just changed the WAN port the ROCK NUC was plugged into on the Asus Router.

Back in business!! iMac connected to Ethernet & Wifi; Roon remote launched; finds the Core instantly - just like it did with the old router - no static ip, playing with firewalls or changing IGMP snooping setting required!

:facepunch:t5: :clap:t5: :ok_hand:t5:

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Much easier to fix after a good night’s sleep - rather than trying to solve at 2am when already brain dead!!


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Delighted that you got it fixed :sunglasses:. Enjoy the music!

Hi Richard, good to hear that you got it sorted!! Now you can enjoy the music :relaxed:

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