New Chord product (Mojo 2?)

The hype is underway and press guesses seem to be a new Mojo. I have serious doubts, it’d be a chunky beast height wise and looks more like a Qutest/Anni style device?

Maybe a qutest size M Scaler

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I am ignoring the fact that the Mojo no longer appears in online stores. That could be significant :wink:

At £400, the Mojo was the bargain of the century.

I bet Mojo 2 is considerably more expensive.

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The guys are on a roll.

Bought a Etude amp last December and I’m already looking at upgrading my DAC :wink:

But yeah, looking at the photo I also thought, looking at the size, that is something in the Qutest/anni range…

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I’m thinking Anni sized streamer perhaps?

Edit A streamer/upscaling combo would be very exciting and expensive…

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Been released today.

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Mojo 1 - micro USB
Mojo 2 - micro USB + USB C
Mojo 3 - micro USB + USB C + USB A



Yeah, it’s somewhat underwhelming at first sight. No mention of “tap length” which leads me to suspect that it’s not changed. It’s going to stand and fall on how good the DSP implementation is and how much people want that. That said adjusting EQ via the glowing marbles sounds like a sanity challenging exercise to me.

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This is such a lazy implementation. Laughable really.



Yeah, I can see that one issue is retaining compatibility with the Poly which relies on the existing socket layout, meaning that they couldn’t move. That said it looks horrible and the micro USBs are so poor I still think that they should have just bitten the bullet here and gone new Poly as well. This way it’s micro USB all the way…


Amen to that!


Besides the USB fiasco…

For the price this must be one of the best deals you can get. An FPGA-based DAC below 1000 euro’s?

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That’s also true, and the price hike is fairly mild. The design certainly feels as though compromises were made. Given I pre-DSP music to micro-SD for offline use on the Poly/Mojo I’m not going to be queuing up to replace my current Mojo

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Ditto. Sticking with my Mojo 1/Poly.

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Was genuinely expecting it to be north of £700.

To disable lock mode press menu button and then + and - buttons together.
To clear all DSP settings press menu button and then + and - buttons together.

This was, what stuck out to me from the video. I hope that works out well for users. :upside_down_face:


I’ve just watched it now. Good luck trying to remember all the combinations :nerd_face:

As an owner of MojoPoly I am not at all stoked by Mojo 2. It looks to be really a poor attempt at a Mojo 1.5.

I really don’t know what Chord were thinking by sticking with the 2x 3.5mm outputs. To be fair, I thought the 2x 3.5mm on original Mojo was odd. I’ve always used the output furthest from power button and that’s that. Why not one 3.5mm along with a 2.5 or 4.4 or 6.3 Balanced for Mojo 2? No USB-C means still slow charge times. Removal of the Line Out mode is minus for a lot of folk as well.

Too many missed opportunities for this iteration.