New Chord product (Mojo 2?)

Got mine yesterday. Blown away by it, sounds fantastic so far using my Shure Aonic 4 IEM’s and Sennheiser HD800S’s.
Previously I was using a Dragonfly Cobalt for on the go with my Sony Xperia phone and it sounded very good, the Mojo 2 is a major step up imo for the extra couple of hundred pounds. I’d go as far to say it’s night and day.
At night I normally listen to my Hugo 2 connected to Macbook with Audioquest USB and Sennheiser HD800S’s. Last night I replaced the Hugo 2 with the Mojo 2 and to be honest I don’t think the Hugo 2 massively outperforms the Mojo 2 especially given the massive difference in price - anybody in the doubtful camp I 'd urge them to give the Mojo 2 a demo, you might be surprised.


Chord’s long-tem commitment to their FGPA architecture is starting to pay off.
I’m pretty sure that the initial investment was high, or at least higher than just simply integrating an ESS chipset.

But now they have an architecture that uses the same code and principles and that they can push forward. Improvements on the high end trickle down and the other way around as well.

Irrespective what you think of the Mojo 2 that’s quite an engineering achievement.


I’m not sure about ‘starting’.

Mojo 1 alone sold over 150k units worldwide.

Their strategy has been paying off for a while :smiley:


I don’t own a Mojo/Mojo2 but it seems to me to be an absolutely awesome little gadget. The specs are truly impressive. About the USB contact I don’t quite understand the problem, this is something you keep in your pocket.

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This first review is in:

I think that the guys at Chord can pop the champagne :wink:

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That is part of my problem, it’s one more hole to gather fluff :wink: . In reality, it’s the decision not to abandon the poor micro USBs altogether, albeit done in the name of backward compatibility.

Yeah, and it has perked my interest enough to want to listen to one. My common sense is telling me to skip this iteration and wait a few years for a proper redesign. Like @Signal2Noise I see this as Mojo 1.5 really.

For SQ it’s Mojo 2, trust me (well in my experience at least!)


Good to hear that. It might need a leap forward in low power FPGAs to move the Mojo’s tap count forward significantly. While RW says taps aren’t everything he sure charges a premium price for them :wink:

I do believe you when you say the device sounds better and the DSP implementation interests me. I just think I’ll stick with Mojo 1 while I gather funds for new speakers.

Thanks for the link! Looks like this Mojo thing is something to hear.

I am just waiting to hear peoples impressions using the CA Andromeda. There is a very noticeable hiss on the mojo 1 so I need to use the ifi iematch to pair them.

Have patience, the first part only lasts for 30 seconds.

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I’ve just got one and am doing a video review on my platform 13th note hifi reviews on YouTube. Against an AQ DF Cobalt it is a step up with some Adam audio sp5 headphones I have, mas audio science X5i, and HIFiMan Arya stealth planar magnetic. I’m also going to be trying some shure 846’s. It is a bit clunky - the buttons wrattle about to the extent I thought it was broken, but I put up with it for A1 sound as it sounds tremendous. Not In Qutest territory but it works very well in HiFi systems too, no gain so you need to match volume


This Darko podcast is interesting enough to have stopped me from doing what I’m supposed to be these last 35 minutes

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Looking forward to it. Purchased one myself last week to compare to my AQ DF cobalt. Loving it as a desktop solution! Although, haven’t tested how mobile/portable it is yet.

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That’s the Mojo’s Achilles heel, it’s not that portable. Great for planes, trains and hotel rooms but not for walking the dog/nipping to the shops. The extra box and lead are a bit of a pain, Poly improves things (IMO) but then it’s BT only or SD card on the move.



It’s a clunky piece of kit and I can’t have it and the phone in my pockets. I’d say it’s more transportable than portable.


I know Rob Watts claims to take a Hugo 2, M Scaler and battery packs when he travels by plane. That mindset right there is the problem…


Next time I go abroad I might as well take my extractor hood and hob with me :rofl:


It’s minute compared to an 80s ghetto blaster. You had to carry that on your shoulder.


True! But that made you uber cool and the ladies loooved it :rofl:

Trying to come up with a pun involving ladies and mojo but can’t brain right now.