New DAC for my front room - thoughts

Hi All,

I am very much enjoying my Roon adventure. I have been doing various bits and pieces to all parts of my system with lots more in my head. I am part way through installing Ethernet throughout my house to enable me to move away from the slightly unreliable home-plugs. I am thinking about a new system in my kitchen and I have just enabled a spare Chromecast for a guest bedroom. My current set-up consists of;

Lounge - Amp: Musical Fidelity M3i Speakers: Monitor Audio Bronze floorstanders. Roon end point:Raspberry Pi3 with IQaudio DAC HAT.

Office - PC: Windows 10. Speakers: Adam F5s. DAC:Arcam irDACII.

Kitchen - Sonos Play:1

Guest room - Chrome-cast into Roberts radio

I am looking at upgrading the DAC in the lounge, and I am interested in the Allo USbridge and I have been lurking around the main thread for a while now, so, that just leaves a DAC.

I am currently favouring either the Mytek Liberty DAC or the Chord Qutest. The Mytek comes with MQA but the Chord always comes back into my mind somehow. I can get the Liberty online with a linear power supply for less that the Qutest, which is also in my mind. My budget for the DAC is around a £1000 give or take.

Anyway, I am going set up some demo’s, however, should I consider anything else? Or does anyone have any comments on the USbridge/DAC combo. I have seen a few positive comments in the Allo thread already.

Thanks for any help.

That is a really hard question as it is a lot of personal taste and, imho, the style of music listened too. But sure! You might try the Schiit Gungnir multibit, or there is a used Ayre Codex on Audiogon atm, both are about 1200.

Thanks for the reply @Rugby, I will have a look at your suggestions. I can see lots of places with the Chord but non (yet) in terms of the Mytek, I am in the SW of the UK. I will have a bit more of a look as I would like to demo.

I had a quick look the Focus ability and it appears that I have 1200 odd pop/rock albums and about 550 electronic albums with a few other genres getting under 100.


The USBridge and Liberty work very well together, I’ve been using them in my system recently (Ayre / Harbeth).

The USBridge replaced an RPi3; it’s significantly better.

Where are you in the SW? (I’m near Plymouth)


Have a look at Denafrips. I have just bought the Ares and love it

Thanks @Phil_Wright. I am in Somerset, so a bit further up than you.

Its good to hear they work well together. Are you using Liberty with the stock PSU or something else?

Thanks @Ian_Rodger, I will have a look.

The good old North then!

I’m using the stock power supply at the moment