New Dawson Canyon NUCS supported? Other fan-less NUCS support? [yes on Dawson Canyon]

ROCK runs on a lot of hardware on top of NUCs we recommend. We call those non-recommended ROCK setups "MOCK"s. I forget who came up with that name but it was one of the people on this forum and it stuck because it is clever.

If you can make a MOCK that works, great. But we can not support it. For example, let’s say your MOCK uses an ethernet driver we added but don’t use. Later, if we remove or break that ethernet driver, as long as it is not in our supported hardware list, we are not under any obligation to fix it.

Additionally, if your MOCK is having issues that are clearly related to the OS and/or hardware, we can not offer support for it.

Right now, the new NUCs are MOCKs. Once I get some in-home and add support, they will become sanctioned ROCK installs. I like the idea of the NUC7i7DN* a lot… I just need them to have some more availability.

Got it. Thanks.

Thanks for the replies Danny. I was wondering if the heat management for ROCK is controlled at the OS level or in the bios?

I am glad to hear that the NUC7i7DN* NUCS plan to be supported in the future. Audiophiles are, by nature, probably more likely to be tinkerers than most. The big gain of the new hardware appears to be a jump from dual core to quad core in the i7 nucs, but also a simultaneous drop in power requirements from 28W to 15W tdp, which means lower operating costs, less heat, and greater support of outboard power supplies and fan-less chassis.

BIOS… we rely on the bios doing the right thing w/ the fans in a very generic way. Nucleus is a different story.

I just ordered a fanless 7i7BNF system from, so I guess I will be giving it a shot to displace my old HTPC built in a full size Home Theatre case. If I can’t get ROCK to work, I can always try linux or windoze. Although I ordered with 256Mb and 8Gb of Ram, I may add a larger SSD drive to house my music collection…but I’ll probably just start with it on the existing music storage drive out my HTPC in an external case.

@bh108 – FYI, I have some NUC7i[37]DNHE’s on their way to me. I can’t get to them immediately, but as soon as our next release is out, I’ll get them supported (if they need anything).

Thank you.

Great! Thank you!

That is excellent news. One point - I note from your earlier post in this thread that ROCK also assumes adequate cooling that comes from a fan…

I also note that in another post it was stated that the Roon software in Nucleus does some things differently, because Nucleus is a fanless design.

Is it possible to include some of the Nucleus cooling approach to enable fanless operation in future ROCK implementation, using a Roon-approved NUC/Fanless case configuration?

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I have tested the NUC7i7DNH and it seems to work, but my testing was not exhaustive yet. I haven’t done good testing to see if both HDMI ports work well for multichannel audio, but it works for the basics.


If the user doesn’t care about using the HDMI ports for multichannel audio, is the unit otherwise compatible with ROCK?

I am running Rock on Asus vivopc i3 with a great success. I am extremely happy with Roon.

i built up a Dawsoncanyon NUC7i7DNH yesterday for ROCK.
had no problems while installing, it works fine now, and reacts very quick.

the fan mode in bios is set to “quiet”, i hear the fan a bit beside the NUC (while roon is still analysing files in the background now with all 4 cores).
Cause i am sitting not direct beside the NUC that is not a problem for me and my NUC is not in the living room.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi Danny, does this include the NUC7I7DNH4E?

Is this still planned to be officially supported on the next release?

What is the H4E? It’s not listed on and Google only shows me retailers in au/nz. The H is hard drive kit, the E means extended life. Unsure what 4 is

Yup I found the same thing, that H4E only appears for sale here in the land down under.

In your next phone call / emails with Intel Engineers (discussing NUC power management etc) could you ask them? Please :worried:

Interestingly, 1/2/3/4 bring up different Google results (not on Intel’s site like you found) so the numbers might mean something.

Appears to be different zones based on Google results (wild hand waving guess)

In NL you can only buy the xxxxx3x, so maybe it is a regional code @dabassgoesboomboom

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