New Dawson Canyon NUCS supported? Other fan-less NUCS support? [yes on Dawson Canyon]

Yep I found that out Googling 1/2/3/4 variants.

@danny still investigating or not on the radar?

Investigating what? The NUC7i7DN* work with ROCK.

NUC7i7DNH2E is sold in Russia and work with ROCK.

Cool, so it’s officially supported ? Works and officially supported don’t always mean the same thing with ROCK

Well, in the KB it says Roon Labs supports the NUC7i7XXX, so I assume it is officially supported…

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Very true. Thanks Geoff

Well, in the KB…

Page last changed Wed Feb 07 2018

NUC7i7DN** appeared on sale later. :wink:

True. Confirmation of official support from @danny wouldn’t hurt to close it out.

For anyone waiting for Roon confirmation of support before purchasing, Brian has confirmed support:


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