New Denafrips Ares II R2R supports DSD1024 and PCM1536

This is upgrade of the original Ares. Now support NOS and OS mode! However, the USB interface is no longer using XMOS or Amanero chipsets; so I wonder will it work properly with Roon ROCK when connected via USB interface. This is probably the cheapest NOS R2R DAC in the market that support both DSD and PCM in high sampling rates. It is worth to take a look!

Looks very nice

@alvin1118 maybe Alvin can fill us in…same question applies to the Terminator too

I’m about upgrade a Terminator with the new interface board, and it’s connected to a RPi endpoint so hope that’s still going to run.

It will likely work as a Audio Class II USB device based on their website. However, without kernel updates to recognize it, it is unlikely you will get native DSD (which you’d need for the higher DSD rates).

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Wondering how much source there is, or ever will be, in DSD1024 and PCM 1536.

Or does it upsample to those rates?.

Upsampling only at this stage…not even seen any native dsd512 sources.

I did tried the original Ares when I got demo unit from Alvin, I’ve issues at that time when using USB (some kind of noise…). I hope this issue is already resolved in Ares 2. DSD native support is another area, with DoP the max one can go is DSD256. Of course native DSD is the way to go if the USB DAC support it.

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OK so I ran out of fingers but toes still some left…still not exactly mainstream releases - other than Jacintha (for me I have several of her albums and my wife knows her personally) not heard of many of the others though

I guess upsampling will be the most likely above that with HQP or Roon DSP - might have to try that.

@alvin1118 hope you can have a demo set for Ares 2 to try in my home. I’m interested :blush:

Just a bump on this thread. Has anyone tested the Ares II with USB and DSD support?