New exasound products

Here some new stuff from Exasound. Very affordable Roon Ready and NAA capable streamer.

MODERATOR NOTE: These products have limitations in how they work. See exaSound’s explanation in this topic.

EDIT from OP, rrwwss52: I’m afraid the fact the streamer had to be paired with an Exasound DAC wasn’t clear to me either in my original post. I would hope Exasound would offer a full refund as well as return shipping, or a deep discount on one of their Roon Ready DACs to Kamon.


I purchased a sigma streamer, and now I’m waiting for arriving it.
I’ve been long waiting for an affordable price streamer with ac wifi.



Let us know what you think once you receive it, and how it integrates into your system…congrats on your new streamer. :grinning:

I set it up but have a problem.:confounded:

Now I’m using sonoreUPnP bridge temporarily.

Might be worth checking this video out before laying down the cash. If I recall right it is just a cheap board you can buy and get up and running yourself for a fraction of the cost.


If the Sigma Streamer doesn’t what it supposed to do right out of the box, I’d return it. Exasound has a thirty day return policy. The video above was certainly informative.

He makes some significant points but then goes on to confuse a streamer with a server as well as to ascribe functions to the Sigma Streamer which it does not have nor is it claimed to have. Take it with a grain of salt.

The cost of the bare bones hardware stated in the video is incorrect. The cost to MSRP ratio for the Sigma Streamer is half the industry average. The hardware shown in the video from the inside is not identical. The Wi-Fi capability is not nearly close.

The Value added by exaSound: Custom built Linux distribution optimized for audio and tolerant to power failure; Remote support; Remote Update; All-time 0dB full-scale streaming with error correction; 4-way volume synchronization; Volume trimming for individual channels; Streaming up to 8 channels in 32bit PCM 384khz / DSD256; Free pre-sales consultations; One-to-one support over email, phone, remote control; 30-days trial.

USB power conditioning, galvanic isolation, relocking, immunity to USB timing errors, immunity to OS timing inaccuracies, immunity to power quality for the streamer is implemented in the exaSound DACS.

End result: Sigma Streamer + exaSound DAC: top quality sound

Did you ever get the Roon or NAA features to work?

Please see – there was an error in expectations:

We are talking to George from exaSound to prevent these types of expectation issues in the future.