New front end for Office

I am looking for a new front end for the office. It is a tiny office so I don’t need huge amounts of power. I have a pair of DALI bookshelf’s running off an old av receiver driven by my Mac audio out. The sound is muddled and not that great. I am looking for a new or used dac and amp to drive the speakers what do you recommend? I have been looking at the naim nap 100 with the dac v1; the Cyrus Pre2 with Cyrus X power amp so I guess my budget is less than £2k. I still plan to use the Mac as the source unless you can suggest a better path. I like the idea of a separate pre and power amplifier to the one box solutions, that is why I haven’t looked at the Naim Atom or Cyrus one HD.

What model are the Dali’s? I have the Exposure 3010S2 Stereo Power Amplifier on my short list. If you like Naim you may want to take a look at their line-up.

There the Epicon 2. Thanks Martin I’ll take a look.

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