New Headphones But So Confused!

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sony 1000xm3 wireless headphones/iphone11pro max/blusound 2i/ etc

Just purchased a pair of Sony wireless headphones. I pair them via BT on my iPhone, use Roon and of course get only up to the green light in playback. I’ve also paired my blusound 2i to my phone BT, then choose the blusound in roon but get no sound. Anyways, wondering what the best way to get best sound using wireless/bluetooth?? I also have a Meridien Explorer 2 DAC that is sitting here unused. And iPads etc as well. Thanks for any help/advice!!


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Hello @James_Cortez,

If the Bluesound Node 2i is connected to the same WiFi/Ethernet network as the Nucleus, you should use the “Roon Ready” zone for the device instead of the Bluetooth connection. This will allow you to play up to 24/192 hi-res bit perfect audio to the device.

Navigate to the Settings > Audio screen in Roon, and scroll down until you see the “Roon Ready” heading. There, you should see the Bluesound Node 2i. Give it a friendly name like “Living Room”, and then go find some music to play. Ensure that you are playing to this new zone by clicking the zone picker icon in the bottom right hand corner of Roon.


Hi John and thanks for the quick reply! I thought this is what I did via Roon on my iPhone but when I look at the signal path while music is playing it was coming from iPhone? I will try again and report back

Hi Again. Just tried but no sound thru headphones. I have to choose’'iphone 11" in zones to get music to play thru the headphones wirelessly.

Hello @James_Cortez,

I apologize for the confusion, I believe I understand what is going on now.

I am unsure why the bluetooth output of the Node 2i is not working with the headphones. I recommend reaching out to the Bluesound support team for assistance with getting that working.

As far as quality is concerned, the Sony 1000xm3 bluetooth headphones should be receiving an AAC encoded stream from your iPhone which is one of the highest quality bluetooth codecs available. If you are happy with the sound that you are getting with this setup, I wouldn’t go chasing down other avenues for small potential gains (or losses).


If you have paired the headphones with the iPhone then you need to use the iPhone as the zone in Roon to play music, you can’t use your Bluesound. To use the Bluesound over BT you would need to pair the Node 2i with the Sony’s and then it should output to the headhones. Using Bluetooth will always result in a low quality reading from Roons signal path as Bluetooth is not bit perfect on any system.

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Yeah I’m getting the green light in the Roon / iPhone signal path which according to Roon manual means high quality and sounds good so think I’ll just leave it. Thanks so much

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