New Hegel H390 Integrated

Hi there
Anyone get to try the new Hegel H390 yet, wondering how it sounds and how the DAC module would compare to a stand alone DAC like Qutest or TT2 for instance.

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I have one and have been extremely impressed so far by the DAC and amp performance, although I can’t comment on those specific Chord products in comparison. Looking forward to their Roon Ready firmware update which is supposedly in alpha testing.


Yes it looks a really great amp , it’s getting lots of really good reviews :+1:

I really love it. I just replaced a Naim Uniti Nova with the H390. But it’s not Roon Ready yet, so I haven’t had a chance to really test out the internal DAC (other than with Airplay and Spotify Connect).

I am a running a Chord M-Scaler + Hugo TT2 into the H390 via the balanced XLR inputs, so using that DAC mostly.

The H390 doesn’t have Airplay 2 yet either.


Hi Matt thanks for the reply, please update if possible when you have it Roon ready id be really keen to see what you think of the internal DAC v TT2 with Mscaler , the TT2 + Mscaler is my ultimate DAC set up.

People keep saying great things about the internal Hegel DACs, but I am having a hard time believing it can be better than the HMS+TT2 combo, which is over $10,000 USD, and more expensive than the H390 itself :slight_smile:

Will definitely run a comparison when the H390 is finally Roon Ready !


More money may not always mean better sound, Chord are top notch for sure and id say anything would be hard pressed to surpass that combo imo, you can pay 30k for a DAC in fairness so for me the only way is to listen and test a/b. I d like to hear what you hear after testing.

Having just changed my speakers I am considering either the naim nova or Hegel, so would greatly appreciate your thoughts on how they compare, Darko seems to love the Hegel!

I have the H190 which I think is a superb amplifier, especially for the money - lots of power, excellent DAC. My speakers (Dynaudio Countour 30) could certainly handle better/bigger amplification, so an upgrade to H390 or even H590 (if my dealer is feeling generous…) is certainly on my to wish list for 2020. All reviews of the H390 I’ve seen are uniformly positive, and place it much closer to the H590 than the price difference would suggest. I auditioned the H360 when buying the H190 but didn’t think it was such a major step up to warrant the extra cost at that time. One word of caution, if you want to stream via DNLA to the Hegel’s DAC it doesn’t do gapless playback (I use Roon via an ultraRendu so that’s not an issue, and Hegel also has Roon Ready in the pipeline)

I haven’t heard the Naim, but it looks like a very accomplished all in one. Although depending on your speakers and room you could find it a bit underpowered (80wpc).