New iPhone Can't Connect to Core

Roon Core Machine

macOS 10.14.6, 3.49GHz i7, 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi, Core on Hackintosh is wired

Connected Audio Devices

7 Meridian zones

Number of Tracks in Library

45,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Wife has new iPhone 13 Pro, can’t connect to Core, clicking on Help and putting in IP address of core does not help. No problem with lots of other Roon clients, including my iPhone 12 Pro. Though if I go to Settings from a client (inlcluding from the client on the Core) and click on Find Roon OS it says Searching for Roon OS Core … without ever finding it.

Hi @femanburch

Your Roon Core is on a Mac, Roon OS Core is for Nucleus and ROCK installations.

  • Can you confirm that this iPhone 12 Pro is on the same network as the Mac that’s running the Roon Core?

  • On the iPhone, try installing the “fing” application and then use it to scan your network.
    Does it find the Mac?

  • When you installed the Roon app on iPhone, in Apple’s settings did you enable network access for the Roon app?

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Thanks @Carl. Noted on Roon OS Core, funny that searching for same is an option with Roon Core running on a Mac, but whatever!

The offending iPhone was on the right network and could see the server, but the Roon app network setting apparently didn’t port over with the iPhone upgrade (via backup and restore), and that did the trick!

Thanks again!

Having a Roon Core on a Mac doesn’t rule out that there is no Roon OS device also on the network, but I agree it’s a trip hazard users sometimes fall into. The wording has been improved but I still feel more could be done here.

Glad you’re up and running … enjoy.

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