New Laptop unable to find Qutest

Previously on my laptop everything is working fine but today, gotten my new laptop. Install roon in it and No audio device found. Click manage audio devices still no Qutest there. Please help.

A little more information would be helpful in trying to understand the issues. What laptop? How is it connected? Etc?

Asus M16 2023.

Connected via USB to my laptop. My Roon core is not connected to my laptop / qutest.

Have you confirmed your firewall settings on your new laptop have exceptions for Roon (both Roon and RAATServer)?

hi, any idea how can i do that?

Make sure you’ve gone to Roon > Settings > Audio to enable the USB interface. Depending on the OS you’re using, there could be two: one for system output and one for OS mixer.


i went there but chord qutest is not appearing there.

We need a little more information. What are you using for your Roon Core, and can your laptop Remote see your Core?

hi my roon core is intel NUC 10FNH

(Deleted, I managed to piece the setup together from various posts, I think)

Have you powered down the Chord for a minute and rebooted it?

yes done that as well. AS well as installing the driver provided by chord in the web.

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What is the Qutest connected to? When I set mine up I think I had to have it connected to the amp before it registered with Roon.

my qutest is connected to my laptop.

funny thing is my laptop is able to detect it as qutest and able to play song via youtube thru it but roon is not able to detect it.

Ok, so the Qutest is connected by USB to your laptop, but I’m unsure where the Qutest outputs to?

output to my speaker (active speaker)

Ok, I understand now, my apologies for being a little dim!

why is my roon not able to detect the qutest as my audio device? i can access \ROCK\Data on my laptop so what is the issue? =/

If the laptop has recognised the Qutest as the preferred output/DAC I wonder if Roon only see’s this (the ASUS) as the endpoint?