New Laptop with Roon can’t connect to Roon Core; as it’s looking for the wrong version of the core

New laptop, Windows 10 64; migrated the settings from an older Windows 10 PC
Roon core is on Windows 11 server that was upgraded from Windows 10.

Installed Roon on new laptop, it is trying to connect to the Roon core, but it is seeing it as Roon 1.7; build 571. It is trying to connect to the core with the right IP, but But it was updated to 1.8 long ago.

Can’t connect; as it’s looking for the wrong version of the core?

update: I uninstalled and reinstalled my Roon Core.
Now when I try to open a Roon PC as an endpoint, it says it is trying to connect to version 1.8, build 531, but it says the Core is a Windows 10 server. It isn’t it’s Windows 11.

No connection occurs. The Roon Control PC just is in a “connect” loop with no connection.

Same thing on my iPad controller and another Windows Laptop I have setup as a controller.

firewall? something is blocking everyone from accessing the Roon Core on your new system. My guess is that some firewall needs to be disabled or exceptions added.

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Thanks, I will keep that in mind.
For now I changed routers (to a cheapo one) and reset everything on the network and got it working.
Will have to see what happens when I change back to a better quality one.

Still have no idea what the issue was.

Hi, another Roon user reported it recently, it’s just an aesthetic reporting issue) and can be ignored.

However, this is very odd. Could you upload a screenshot please.

Some questions:
Is the Window 11 server headless and what Windows 11 OS is it running?
Can you confirm what steps you took to:

  • Uninstall Roon
  • Download Roon (product, version, source)
  • Reinstall Roon
  • What if anything have you done with the Roon database
  • Did you clean up any of the file system before re-installation

Do you have another device that can be used as a Roon Remote like an iPad etc.?

If you stop the Roon Core on the Windows 11 server, what happens on the laptop when Roon Remote is started (I’m wondering if you have another Roon Core running)?

OK, I was typing and had not seen this reply pop in.
Good to hear you have a running system once more, you can now experiment with Routers knowing that it’s not a Roon software installation issue.

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