New library and Qobuz

Have just installed Roon 2.0 on a new computer. Prevented it scanning any folders initially.

I want to create a new local audio repository on a USB drive and have created an empty folder here which I will add to Storage settings and then populate with local files.

Ordinarily I would expect the Library to be empty but annoyingly there are loads of items there from my Qobuz account.

Roon previously changed preventing me viewing Qobuz purchases in a separate Qobuz section.

What is the content I’m seeing in my Library which I don’t want there as I have not added any local storage folders or network shares?

Is it the mish mash of things I’ve added to Qobuz Favourites over the years or something else? Is there no way to disable these Qobuz items being in the Library by default?

Most likely, you have added various Qobuz tracks and albums to your favourites; this will add those releases to Roon.

To check, you could go to Roon Settings > Services > Edit (Qobuz), and click on Disable. Does this remove everything?

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Yes, thanks Martin.

I wasn’t aware there was a disable feature which doesn’t log you out.

I really find it odd however that there is no option to include or exclude certain Qobuz categories - I really miss the ability to see my Qobuz purchases which I believe was removed as it confused those who had the purchases stored locally.

I’d suggest this is in some ways worse as the Favourites may also include things I’m pondering purchasing or have purchased.

It would be so much better if we had a bit of granularity in terms of which Qobuz items/lists are added to the library as if we disable to remove stuff we don’t want to see in the Library for whatever reason we can’t use the streaming service at all.

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That was a long time ago. If you have ideas, you can post in #roon:feature-suggestions.

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Thanks, I possibly did at the time but the decision stood - it may be worth revisiting as I don’t quite see the point of adding Qobuz favourites to the actual library (unless there’s an option to enable to do so), whereas being able to browse a list of purchases was actually useful to me as it filtered the content.

While Roon clearly wants to offer all your music from a variety of sources/locations, the current automatic addition of items to the Library from online services baffles me, and I think the original purchases issue could have been more elegantly solved with an option to add or exclude the purchased list.

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