New LS60W roon ready (with an asterisk)

Does it resample, analog in, or, pass it through.

Everything is resampled, including analog – the interspeaker link is all digital.

The one exception is MQA: that’s shipped over after the first unfold, with the individual speakers doing the second upsampling stage simultaneously.

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Yup. Plus, the reason we accept DSD on input is so you don’t need the source device to do any transcoding to PCM. It’s just the easiest way to handle DSD in the system, doesn’t rely on the capabilities of upstream components.

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So a 2 year warranty on the electronics inside and 5 years on the drivers?
If so, that’s basically a 2 years warranty on a £6K pair of speakers…


These, in white, would be perfect for me. Too bad my wife is being so stubborn about this. Maybe, in January when I have money coming, I can order a pair for my office upstairs and hang out there, with the dog.


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Great point!!! It’s crazy to me in HiFi that the norm for warranties seems to be 3 years or less. Companies hate the secondhand market but don’t offer a good reason to go new for luxury high priced items. If they believe their products are built to last then put your money where your mouth is! Kudos to companies like Schiit and Klipsch and KLH for their warranties. And to Yamaha for finally extending their American stuff to 5 years (although still 10 years elsewhere). Consumers should demand longer warranties.

The downside of products like the LS60 is what happens when KEF releases the next version? No more support and it’s a $7000 brick. Look at the LS50 Wireless 1. How companies treat their older products is a lesson to be learned.

I should add, for comparison, how Auralic is still supporting the near ten year old Femto Aries and even the Aries mini which were discontinued. They still update them with the latest firmwares and softwares including when they added Amazon Music. Again, how a company treats consumers with older products is a very valuable lesson.


Hi Ben
is the LS 60 a time aligned design like the LSX and LS50W/WII?

Yes, it has an upgraded version of the Phase Correction feature, which you can still turn off in the app if you wish.

That is good! An active time-coincident mini Blade. Is the enclosure ported? KC62 is sealed so I hope the LS60 is too. Would be easier to set up without a port.

No port


It’s a sealed box - the hole on the back (my new catchphrase at the office is ‘IT’S NOT A HANDLE!!!’) is a hot air exhaust (the reason for the tower standing proud of the plinth is that cool air is taken in through holes underneath).

Standing proud with a hole at the back - for hot air to escape…

Got it


what color do I like best and when can I afford them?

Personaly , I would wait for Roon to be certified first. Even if it does not take long (c.f. above). Just to be safe.
Start pulling coins in your piggy bank! You might get the right amount before certificate is obtained :joy::joy::joy:
Then the dark grey is superb :slight_smile:

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Could a person use an RPi4 running RoPieeeXL with a HAT to get optical out? Which HAT would be best for this?

Toslink out from a HAT would work, but the optical input on the LS50WII/LS60W is limited to 96kHz. Coax SPDIF will work up to 192kHz so a Allo DigiOne would work too.

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Blue looks super cool and have a great wow factor. :wink:

White are stylish but perhaps a tad boring?

Grey look great… guess they win in the long run.

I can honestly visualize a pair in blue in our main room, now just have to get past the minor details of $7k with Mrs.Hammer.