New LS60W roon ready (with an asterisk)

blue speakers for you, a blue deluxe vacuum cleaner for Mrs. hammer :rofl:


Ouch! (10 char)

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sell the devialets to fund them

Going to take a few more Shekels than they will raise I’m afraid :flushed:

You gonna have to accept you will never be able to retire, you just have to expensive taste for the finer things in life :grin:


The LS60s look like a very tempting option and the small number of reviews to date are extremely positive. Looking forward to hearing them. My wife will not tolerate a wired separates system in our lounge but ironically loves music and is agnostic to spending huge quantities of money so these are potentially a great option for me!


You could. Or you could wait for it to be Roon-Ready certified, and then it would function as its own Roon endpoint, with no additional hardware needed.

Just came back from a listening session at a Dutch KEF dealer (shout-out to Bender HiFi in Arnhem). The usual caveats apply: problematic setup/room, unfamiliar music, eardrum-splitting volumes (why, oh why?). Listening through all of this, the LS60W were impressive, with a large soundstage, superb imaging and controlled sound. Bass suffered from the room the most and mids appeared a bit coloured – I’ll definitely need a home audition next to the LS50WII/KC62 to compare.

Had a very quick meet-up with the incomparable @Geoff_Coupe – that’ll need a home audition as well, I guess. :smiley:


Good to meet @RBM in real life at last after years on this forum… :grinning:

Indeed, the volumes were unnaturally loud - vocalists appeared to be giants with heads positioned 2 metres in front of us. I only have my esl57s to compare the LS60Ws with, and I missed the transparency of the former, but as René says, that could all be down to the room acoustics and not being in control of the music and volumes.

The speakers themselves are striking in design, with an amazingly thin front profile - I can see that they will have a high WAF/HAF. Once they are certified as Roon Ready, and production ramps up (there are currently just two pairs of the LS60Ws in the Netherlands), I would like to see if I can persuade Bender HiFi to let me have a home demo…


Sounds like the demo was at least enough to keep you both interested even if not ideal listening conditions. Your point about the high volume is a good one - we’d definitely want to know that these also sound great when playing at more moderate domestic harmony inducing levels!