New LS60W roon ready (with an asterisk)

Really tempted to get a pair of LS60 for my bedroom but it is only 14m2 and I am concerned they would be overkill or not be able to “breath” enough in such a small room, anyone who has a pair in same size room or can pitch in if workable or not? website says from 10-200M2 but…!?

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Guess proof of the pudding will be in the eating but I have these on order,arrive in a couple of days. But my retailer tell me that Kef have assured them that they will show up as an end point even though certification may be a month or so away. I am really looking forward to them,I am a great supporter of active speakers be it the all in one solution as in Kef or Bowers,or the joy of tinkering as in the Elac and others approach.

Received the LS 60 today. And no,they still don’t integrate with Roon,just says not certified. However you can select the speakers in Roon via airplay which is a perfectly acceptable solution until certification. And,if anyone is interested,they sound wonderful.


Nice, would they be to big for a small bedroom 14m2??

I think so. It’s not that they are enormous soeakers,they are very slim but tall. It’s more that they sound best played loud and they have a powerful room filling presence. I suspect they will just be a bit to much for the size of the room… Not the answer you wanted but just my opinion.

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It seems that by and large, higher-end higher-quality HiFi components are larger speakers, more powerful amps, bigger sound. I wonder, what are the go-to high quality systems for smaller rooms, without sacrificing sound quality? Related Q: if I like listening to music at a medium volume (e.g. under 70 dB at my ears) what are the go-to high quality systems/components? Maybe it’s a good ‘problem’ to have, a smaller room, because one doesn’t have to spend as much to get to high-quality audio? Thoughts?

Thank you, not the answer I really wanted :wink: but maybe I try LSX II and see if they would work…

I suspect there is much truth in that. And a lot of that equipment needs rooms where music is the primary purpose of the room to truly shine. Most of us don’t have that luxury. In the last ten years or so I have moved away from separates with passive speakers,and embraced active speakers. For me they give the most bang for your buck. It does take the joy of building and matching a system away,but it also removes the heartbreak of getting it expensively wrong. Offerings by Bowers,Kef,Elac can sound sublime without any compromise in quality.


The Kef LS50W2 works beautifully in my bedroom and might be an option for you? The side firing woofers on the LS60 would in my opinion be a challenge with the LS60s in a small room.

My Kii BXT system (which also has side firing woofers) in my living room hugely benefited from moving closing together and further away from outside walls.


I agree that actives are a cost effective and probably safer way of getting a good sound. These days it is so hard to trial equipment in your own home that it becomes something of a crap-shoot if you are building a traditional separates system and costly if you stuff it up. Also if you don’t have a dedicated music room, not having to trail cables everywhere is a real plus particularly if you have a fussy spouse!
If I was marketing active speakers I would be encouraging the development team to design in some options for upgrading them (eg via dedicated power cables or perhaps even the ability to change DACs etc.) so that people have at least a few ways they can reliably upgrade them.

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All good points Ben. I have the Kef and the Formation Duo ,I love them both but there is no upgrade path,it’s all done for you and tinkering is really left to whether you want to do a bit of playing with Roon. But,in relation to your last point,I have a set of Elac Navis. These are three way stand mounts. You can use them as a simple wireless solution but they don’t shine so much like that. There is no DSP. I go Roon,Bluesound Node,Chord Quotest,Navis. And they sound beautiful. It’s a mix of the respective approaches which gives you some of the convenience coupled with the ability to tinker,upgrade. There will be other speakers out there that do this ,suspect they a few and far between though.