New Lumin T2 replacing a D2 streamer and Roon won't find it

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus+
Synology NAS DS918+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network gear is LUXUL XMS-2624P 26 Port/24 PoE+ Gigabit Router.

Connected Audio Devices

Added a Lumin T2 replacing a D2. Lumin is hard wired to network.

Number of Tracks in Library

18,000 tracks.

Description of Issue

Roon is connected to the rest of my devices and was connected to my Lumin D2 until I just switched them out. I have tried to power off Roon, wait a minute then turn back on with no success.

The T2 will work over my system using the Tidal or Qobuz apps on the T2, but want My Roon back and want to select it off my iPad or iPhone.

I have confirmed that Roon is working in all my other zones.

Have you set the T2 up for Roon in it’s settings?

Yes, Hammer I did set that up for my T2 win settings.

When you go into Roon you should see the Lumin T2 as a new audio device under settings audio.
Do you see it and did you enable it etc?

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TheHammer I just checked and it was NOT enabled. I enabled it and played a song and now it is popping up on the window and apparently playing. Gone is the Lumin app from the window. Looks like T2 plays at much higher quality than the D2.

Thank You,
The Hammer


You are most welcome, glad you have your Roon back and running!

You can upsample all the way to DSD 512 with the T2 if your Roon Core can handle it.

Enjoy your music!

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How do I do that? Would love to do that!

By the way I have a Roon Nucleus + as my core.

You will need to go into the DSP settings and set to DSD and select DSD 512.
Not at home so can’t show you exactly as can’t login to Roon.
But this is what my signal path looks like on T2 Upsampling through Roon to DSD 512.

I found it. Good call. Now I need to find some music to that supports it. Keep the tips coming.

Mark Wooters

Although this device setup is related, it is not the DSP Engine setting TheHammer mentioned. See:

Some people like the sound of DSD upsampling, some people don’t.

For the same music you need to compare listening without DSP vs having DSP Engine enabled (from iPad, but not phone) to upsample everything to DSD512. If you do the upsampling you also need to enable Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator.

After your have the T2 playing for 7x24 for several weeks, redo the comparison.

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Wow that is pretty crazy. I’ll have to dig into that over the next few days. Thanks

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