New Matrix Audio Element X2, M2 and i2 Roon Ready Music Streamers - Headphones Amps!

Matrix Audio just released their New Element Series with 3 new products that would be available by mid-May. All of them have now touchscreen display and the remote has playback functions. Can’t wait to see the reviews. I currently own a MA X-SABRE 3 and I love it but if I was in the market looking for a 1 box solution, the MA Element X2 would have been my choice for sure.


Very swish looking devices.
They make the older devices look very plain

That is correct my friend. I love the look of the new Element 2 series. I may end grabbing a X2 for my living room setup :wink:

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Look great. Matrix seen to be going from strength to strength.

Big price increase. Like, 30% over the original Element X.

Yes, I noticed the price increase but due the current circumstances (supply chain issues, pandemic, AKM factory fire and global inflation) + added functionalities like touch screen, TIDAL and Spotify Connect, remote with playback functionality and new look, I think the price increase is totally justified.

The price change may be justified, but then the question becomes whether people like me are willing to cover the costs of those new features. I own the original Element X and would consider trading up if a retailer made the process easy.

I do like the new HDMI connectivity and the improved remote control. The LCD touch screen is a nice look and may also make it easier to change settings from the front panel. 1 or 2 additional HDMI ports would have been nice. Another nice-to-have would have been a digital output capability (to enable connection to an all-digital power amp like the new Peachtree GaN1.)

The marketing literature suggests there’s something new about the output level settings, but from the online user manual I don’t see much about that.

Yes, the output increase up to 15.8VRMS caught my attention too. I guess we would need to wait for some reviews and measurements to see how that improves sound or even SINAD.

The original Element X has 3 Lineout Mode options:

  • 0 dB gain, fixed output
  • 0 dB gain, attenuation adjustable
  • +10 dB gain, attenuation adjustable
    The user can change these settings via the MA app.

I wonder if the X2 is any different (in a way that allows for better gain matching with a directly connected power amp.)

Is there a list of pricing for these? USA

Moon Audio has the Element X2 listed for $4399. I already asked APOS Audio for price and availability of the three models. Waiting for them to respond.


I wish they offered a trade up program

Yep. In my case I might get the M2 as I don’t need all the extras from the X2. Also, there is a minimal difference in terms of performance/SINAD between the 9038Pro and 9028Pro of only 3dB but the price difference between the X2 and M2 is about $1500. So the M2 it is.

Element i2 also available from Moon-Audio for $1580 which is now a better alternative to the mini-i Pro 3 which is $1025.

Element M2 is $3099.

Seems like the perfect device that I have been looking for. Roon, great DAC and the headphone amp is a bit more powerful than the one in the mini I pro 3.

Quess I will wait for that one to become available

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Just a heads up, these new Matrix Audio devices are still going through Roon Ready Certification so they are not Roon Ready yet. The X-SABRE 3 was Roon Ready just one week before release. Also, I would expect some bugs from the first batch of these new Element 2s as I did have with my X-SABRE 3. If I get the M2, this time I’m going to wait a couple of months after release to give time to MA to iron out all the bugs :wink:

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I don’t mind waiting , but after seeing the new design the old ones look horribly outdated. :rofl:

Yes, especial the element i2 looks very nice and also better than the mini i pro.
Also they seems to have better displays.

Well, the mini-i Pro 3 still has more output out of balanced headphone out compared to the i2 and even the M2, at least at 33ohms. The X2 is a monster regarding output, though.