New Matrix Audio mini-i 4 and mini-i Pro 4 Streamers

Not much to say, just that the new mini 4 Series was released today, July 5th of 2023. Roon Ready is still under certification but the specs and new features make this new mini 4 Series the best mini Series so far, and to my point of view, even better than the element i2. Price is cheaper than the old mini 3 Series which makes these new Streamers from Matrix Audio a very good option compared to the EverSolo DMP-A6 and Bluesound NODE X.


Will take a look WHEN they are actually Roon Ready.
I’m sure they will be but…

A quick look at specs shows i2s is missing which I use on my i-pro 3.


I wonder what the differences are between the two models this time. Love my mini-i Pro 3 but wish it had that MA app support.

mini-i Pro 4 has headphone amp and mini-i 4 has not. That’s the only difference between the 2 models.


weird, there’s an HDMI/ARC input, but not i2s OUT…

what does one use the input for? (I could google, but might as well chat here.)

To get audio from your TV’s HDMI eARC Input port. Basically the mini-i Pro 4 would be serving as pre amp.


gotcha. I’m kind of a dunce when it comes to HT. Soundbar and sub and I’m good to go.

Thanks for replying…

I’m comparing this new Mini-I Pro 4 to the element series i2…Not sure if there is any real difference besides the dial. They both look great to me.

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So that is what I use optical input for currently from my TV. I think this ticked my only missing request for the Mini I pro 3 as I use it for many inputs.

I am going to be sorely tempted even though I don’t need one and as I do not need the head amp I could actually go with the basic model this time.

I didn’t notice any other differences, are there any.


As there is no i2s input which I use from my antipodes server it will be a hard pass for me… fortunately :grin:
I get to save some money for a short while, all the better to spend on vinyl.

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Then you are not really saving… :smiley:


In your case, the element i2 would be the way to go as it has i2s input.

Like you mentioned, this time the only difference between the two is the headphone amp section. That’s why the mini-i 4 is so heavily discounted compared to the mini-i 3.

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Or just stick with the mini i-pro 3😁
But I will check the element i2 out of course.

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I think for many people who want a streaming DAC as a front end to their music system, it will be very appealing


The non-Pro version doesn’t come with wi-fi.

I am looking for a streamer without DAC, but I need wi-fi. Element S ticking all the boxes for me is overkill for a secondary system, but I will see what happens once it’s Roon Ready.

So they are following their MINI-I 3 then.
I missed that when I looked but I probably conflated the two models when reviewing on two pages at the same time. It does seem a strange omission to leave WiFi off, though it would still work for me.

Good catch. That wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me because I have all my Roon end points hardwired via Ethernet. BTW, this time both models support MQA. The mini-i 3 has not MQA support.


The mini-i Pro 4 has dual band Wi-Fi as well as a gigabit capable wired connection. The standard mini-i 4 only has a wired connection.

I think that’s a sensible split of capabilities, particularly not having to pay for a headphone stage if you don’t need it.


Mini i4 would be just perfect for me. All my roon endpoints are hardwired anyway and I’m upgrading my whole network to 2.5gbps soon.

I would use a external headphone amp with it.
(Singxer SA-1)

Hope it is available soon at audiophonics in France and that there are no bugs with clicks and pops when switching streams or from DSD to pcm etc.

Wonder if the apodizing filter that I saw in a review is good.

To bad it doesn’t have NAA as well.