New, more audio friendly Bluetooth

Classic CNN - no technical details whatsoever, not even a link to more information. Must work by magic!

Hmm, how about this?

Thanks! This article is a little better but still short of technical information but I believe that;s because that information is not yet available.

Favorite quote:

“Imagine the possibilities–we might never have to worry about other people talking during a movie again. We could just put in our earbuds, pump up the volume and enjoy the benefits of watching a movie on the big screen without the drawbacks of being surrounded by other people.”

Or the advantage of true surround sound provided by the theater’s audio system.

Yeah, it’s just an announcement of the planned path.

Probably all that SIG supplied.

The broadcast feature looks interesting, perhaps enabling a Bluetooth, rather than wi-fi, based version of something similar to Roon.