New Mytek DAC not found

I have added a second Mytek DAC to my network and the new one is not found by Roon. It is detected without any trouble by MControlHD. I can see it on the network and I can ping to it. But Roon does not see it. It does see the first unit but not the second, even if the first one is off.
Is there any limitation on Roon about having two identical DACs on the same network?

Have you enabled it in Roon and give it a different name perhaps?

How could i enable it? It is not listed on zones. Is there any way to insert manually a new device?

What jobseeker is suggesting is that you look in Roon - Settings - Audio and Enable it in there. You may have already done this but if not have a look.

Yes,it was just a thought. Sometimes it’s easy to miss the basics.

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Oh my, that was it! I forgot totally about enabling the new device!
Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

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