New Nativ Vita coming Thursday!

Hi there- first post due to I have no clue what I’m going to be doing. I bought a new Nativ Vita unit and understood I could use Roon right out the gate. I think I was wrong. I bought the unit with 4tb of drive because I have almost that much on my Bluesound Vault Gen1. I was going to set up the Vita and control with my Ipad–WRONG- thats not out yet. Nativ said to use Roon. Great, but don’t I need a computer for the ROON.–Any help would be great–thanks William

Hi William,

I found this information on Nativ website.

I don’t own or know anything about this unit, however, it looks as though you need a computer where you install Roon Server. This is your Core.

You need to go into the Vita software and “Switch to Roon”. So, you can use the Vita as a Roon Remote.

You can load your music on the Vita. When setting up Roon, the Nativ User Guide shows how to add the Vita as a Roon Music Storage location. The Vita can also be an Audio Output Source (Zone).

Also, you can use a computer or tablet as a Roon Remote as well.

Maybe someone else with this unit can add anything I may have missed.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg- thanks for the reply. OK, I think I see how this works now. So, I can set up a computer at my home that pretty much stays on 24/7 (Imac) and put Roon on it to control / keep track of the music on the Vita? I currently use a Bluesound Vault gen1 but have not used Roon. I like to use Tidal and my saved music on the vault. So how would you proceed in this project? PS I won’t have the Vita till Thursday eve so just trying to lay out the steps. Thanks again–William

Hi William,

I would concentrate on getting your music transferred to the Vita and get it set up and playing using their app first.

Once you’re up and running, I would then install Roon Server on you’re iMac. Once it’s installed, you can then install Roon on you’re iPad. Run Roon on your iPad and it should connect to Roon Server. Follow the Roon set up questions with the help from the instructions in the Nativsound link above.

Also, here is a link to the Roon User Guide.

Let us know if you have any issues. Good luck.

Cheers, Greg

That sounds like a good plan!!! thanks- will report back- I did instal Roon on my Mac mini and then it picked up my Bluesound- I think this is the future in controls for media!! Wish I would have tried this a year ago–Wiliam


I was looking at the Vita as well, what are your impressions compared to the Roon Interface? How is the sound quality? How about ease of use?


Hi Paola-- I think its all about average. Not a Roon user per se. I guess ok for speed. I use BlueSound and other servers as well. The Vita just does not fit in my system the way I wanted. Did you order yet? Id sell you my loaded up Vita- two hard drives installed by them and about 5000.00 dollars of high rez music plus the other 1tb of music???