New NUC iROCK install stuck and can’t find network address


I’m doing the ROCK install on my new NUC. I updated bios and nstalled Roon os and rebooted. The instructions say I will get an IP address of the NUC. But I get a screen saying “searching for network address”. Does it have built in WiFi? If so do I need to do something to enable it? Didn’t see anything about plugging in the nuc…

Did I do something wrong? There is no mention of having to plug into my router. Please help a noob out! :confused:

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Hi @Peter_Rustin,

For the NUC to be accessible, you will need to plug it into the router via an Ethernet cable. WiFi is not something that we regularly test, and Ethernet connection is always recommended for best stability. Some links which you may find useful to guide you in both network setup and ROCK setup are as follows:

Networking Best Practices
ROCK: Getting Started

Hope this helps, do let me know how it goes after you connect the NUC to your router!

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Thanks @noris. I’ll try tomorrow. It isn’t mentioned in the directions but it completely makes sense. I just wasn’t sure if there was Wi-Fi built-in. I have an Orbi node i can plug it in to via ethernet They may want to add this as a step in the instructions for building the rock.

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