New NUC with internal SSD for music — where to backup Roon db?

Hope it works out for you. MIght take some time given your library size.

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Well restore was more than 20 mins since I left and it was still at it. I will know if it worked or burned the house down tonight.

There was nothing wrong with your original scheme, except that people talked you out of it.

BTW - Many of these people would have you also back up off site. That’s a good suggestion, something to consider.

My backup strategy will be to my Mac Pro (will set up an smb share specifically for it) and to Dropbox (less often). The Mac Pro runs TimeMachine as well, so the backup will have a backup. And I also do full manual backups (all user files - have a lot) to removable harddrives every two weeks (cycling between the harddrives)

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Me meager library of 77000 tracks takes about 10-15 over the network if that’s a gauge of time.

You mean the backup of the Roon db?

Restore of it.

Ah got it. Mine must have taken about 40 mins.

That sounds reasonable to me. The only downside is that Roon backups contain lots and lots of tiny files, so it means a lot of wear and tear on the device that you’re using to store music.

You will almost certainly want to have a second drive of equal or greater size to store backups of your music. I cover one approach for keeping that backup current in this post.

So here is the latest:

I set up the NUC: NUC10i7FNH, 500gb Samsung 980 Pro SSD, 32gb RAM, 4TB internal SSD for music. Copied music library over the network with Chronosync. Finally, restored Roon db. Seems to be working fine.

Backup is now to an smb share on my mac pro, every 4 days, 10 copies, and to Dropbox every 30 days, 2 copies.

My main library is on my mac pro, synced with Chronosync to the NUC. That main library’s disk is backed up on TimeMachine, and on 3 different removable drives sequentially, once every two weeks for each sequence give or take. Those backups will all now include the Roon db backup on the smb share.

Looking back, I think I was not careful enough with my Roon db backups. I am a lifetime Roon user since July 2015, so I have almost 7 years worth of careful music and Roon data tweaks accumulated. I def don’t want to lose that.


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