New NuPrime STREAM 9 Roon support or not?

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Testing now, very nice device with very simple and intuitive operation. One missing thing there is Roon integration. No, null, nada. I see NuPrime isn’t here (brands) but… maybe? Any information or any chances? Good, own know-how tech upsampling module in da house and strong I/O’s also here (AES with max sampling rates, I2S and digital in, so you can use SRC outside, with different equipment and then stream to compatible devices).

But, like I said, no Roon here, only AirPlay 2 support (ofc no bit-perfect, but lossless I hope (?)) / integration with font-end here. Sound good for me, really nice, but it is not the same thing.

PS. They implement extraordinary network interfaces here. BT c.a 20-25 meters (2-3 concentrate walls without any drops), gigabit ethernet …only ac is missing (sad). So, very nice environment to stream music. All crucial net-sources supported but no Roon. Also FMJ box, big OLED & gorgeous RC (big, heavy, metal brick ;-))…

Does that thing support Roon?

Like I said, only AirPlay here. No Roon Ready…

We got that. I was trying humor. You said no Roon three times.

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But here they say that Roon sees this device…
Is it legal?
Here is full text - (The relevant paragraph can be translated by google )

It’s incorrect, it’s not truth. Roon see this only like AirPlay point, because it is AP streamer too. And yes: streaming module for STREAM 9 = MUZO Cobblestone. Different audio product, not offered today. Its not typical, little odd (imo), but that thing work well, and like StereoLife informs NuPrime use it because that is easiest way (and low cost for them imo).

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I reviewed (for now pre-reviewed) this like I said, have a little different opinion. It has capability, but software must be improved, mobile app looks like 2012 :wink: and so on…

Not Roon Ready, not Roon end-point, for now only AirPlay point, with hardware upsampling.