New Peachtree amp with only one input

Peachtree is coming out with a new amp, the “Gan1” at $2K. 200 watts with only one input (Coax). The whole signal chain will be digital up to that point, so no DAC required, only a streamer (or a disk player). A Bluesound Node would work.

I wonder how many of us would feel lost without a DAC, DSP, multiple inputs, and all the other paraphernalia this thing eliminates? Assuming it sounds good, of course.

Guess: do DSP in Roon or AN Other processor (Dirac?)

Wouldn’t trouble me, to be honest

Lyngdorf amps have been ‘power DACs’ for over 10 years - you got/get XLR/coax/SPDIF as standard though - plus RoomPerfect

…and module options for USB/HDMI/ADC

so nothing like it - bar the pure digital bit :grinning:

Their blurb does not inspire confidence. They claim “no DAC” but what they still need at the very least a PCM->PWM modulator, and very likely an upsampler before that as well so as to do the modulation at at frequency well above the audible band. That is, there is a DAC in there, just maybe not an off-the-shelf DAC chip.