New Power cord for Nucleus?

Happy Roon/nucleus user for over 2 years. No problems. Lately I loose connection with Nucleus. Reboot router, works for 2-3 hours then I loose it again. Nucleus Is connected via Ethernet via switch. When this occurs every else connect via Ethernet or WiFi works. I tried a new Ethernet cable to no avail. Tonight when this occurred I check the back of the Nucleus and noticed there wasn’t any power(the connected flash drive was also not blinking. I unplugged the Nucleus and re plugged it and now it seems ok.I guess if it looses connection again I should replace the power cord? If so which one should I get?

It might have nothing to do with the power cord and could be s bios problem. Open a case with product support….

Thanks. How do I do that?

Hi @Larry_Gelman,
You already have, as you posted in the support section.
Roon’s support team will follow up with you in due course.

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Thanks @Carl

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If the DC connection into the Nucleus has a small barrel adapter on the end try removing it and using just the original connection - might not be doable depending on what else you have connected into the Nucleus.

Hi @Larry_Gelman

I’m happy to take a look at what might be happening here! The next time this happens can you let us know the time it occurs? We’ll enable diagnostics and take a look at what’s happening during that time. Thanks!

Thanks @Dylan. Will do. BTW this occurred yesterday 7/13/21 between 4pm/7pm EST.

Are you referring to this? Not sure if it comes off?

nope… the bit that plugs into the Nucleus - pic of that end of the cable will be helpful

This is the end that plugs into the Nucleus.

Ok so it doesn’t appear to have an extension / adapter on it that mine did, that I felt was a little to larger in the inner plug for a good fit.

Let’s see what support will suggest.

Thanks for the try!

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In case I do need a new power cord, which is the correct one? Does Roon sell them?

its attached to the power brick so you would need a new power brick with a 5.5 x 2.5mm DC connection @ 19V and 3.6A or better IIRC - but I would wait for @support to chime in here. in case its the Nucleus deemed to be the issue.

where did you buy it? if its from a dealer they should be helping you here…if from roon wait for support

Hi @Larry_Gelman,

Yes, you can purchase them from our store:


So Nucleus has been up and running for ~5 days without interruption. All I did was secure the power cord to the back and inserted the wall wart into another plug on my power strip. The thing that still perplexes me is when this occurred and the power was out on the Nucleus , how did rebooting the router re power the nucleus?

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