New pricing for TIDAL

48kHz-multiple MQA master albums cannot be used to test this.

You have to find a MQA album that it is a multiple of 44.1kHz - however, you need a HiFi Plus account to identify this in the first place.

For this test, one would need to find a MQA album that:

  1. is a multiple of 44.1kHz not 48kHz
  2. does not have a non-MQA version from Tidal

Someone with a HiFi non-Plus account please try this Bruno Mars album:

Enable Roon MQA Core decoder. Set MQA Capabilities to Renderer Only. Post your signal path.

I have a HiFi non Plus account.


Signal path still says MQA.


What was the ad for?

Only 44.1/24 masters will pass through. Even if it’s 88.2 with a 44.1/24 encoded file it won’t. So you only get 44.1/24 mastered mqa files for free under the Hifi tier ,all others you just get 44.1/16 non MQA.

Downgrading from Master to HiFi Quality will result in Tidal converting the MQA album to 16/44.1. If it was originally a 44.1kHz-multiple 24-bit album, the 8 bits are simply truncated resulting in a 16/44.1 MQA CD. If it was originally a 44.1kHz 16-bit MQA CD such as early Madonna albums, it will remain to be the same MQA CD. If it was originally a 48kHz-multiple album, I believe the MQA signaling is destroyed in the conversion to 16/44.1.

From this perspective, the difference between a HiFi non-Plus and HiFi Plus account is that the former will force the downgrade of Master quality to HiFi 16/44.1 quality.


Peter, you know how much we love having you around here! :beers:


Not really a surprise…lol
About 10 seconds of how much better I would be on Tidal hifi tier…

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anyone else care to share the ads they’ve heard?

@danny why do I feel like they are about to advertise Roon? :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t actually think about that before you said it, but it’s not a bad idea!

mostly I’m curious what ad sales team they have set up so quickly… it’s not easy to become an “ad network”.

if it’s all their own ads right now, they skipped that setup to get this out the door quickly :slight_smile:


Im probably going to upset a few people here but whats new…
I really dont understand why so many are getting bent out of shape on what the signal path says, MQA etc etc.
There are three takeaways for myself on this move.

1/ Its going to cost me less per month.
2/ Supposedly more of that money is going to the artists.
3/ Who cares what the signal path says IF it sounds better to my ears.

And to that last point I am going to give it a month trial just to see what the SQ is like to my ears regardless of what the heck the signal path says!

A quick check yesterday showed quite a few albums available in Tidal that have gone awol on Qobuz so thats a great start for myself.


Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made sweetheart deals with a handful of potential advertisers for a little variety in the beginning.

No that’s not what I said. Any MQA master that is a 44.1/24 an not higher passes through as MQA 44.1/24 and Roon will see it as MQA and perform the first unfold the renderer will then play it and display ORFS as 44.1/24… Tidal has always had tons on MQA just at 44.1/24. All other files you get a 44.1/16 flac strean no mention of MQA although Roons library will display it as being mqa. Wether these are downsampled or just the pcm equivalent is unknown, Tidal does have both pcm and mqa of these when you look in versions .

MQA would still be taking a share of the artists money, first from the “upgrade” to MQA then from ROON for using the MQA “algorithm”
Which in the end means less money to our favorite artists. :confused:

How do you come to that conclusion? How much does an artist lose because of MQA?

Most contracts makes artist take parts in expenses.
Since it costs more to also have the music converted to MQA. It also costs the artists money

I’m not sure you are correct about this, I think having MQA does not cost the artist anything, MQA make their money licensing decoders etc… If I’m wrong, someone will let me know…


I think it has been said before that everytime you play an MQA track through Roon and MQA is enabled, a fee is sent to MQA.
MQA bills Roon based on Core Decodes. If a user doesn’t Core Decode, they don’t get billed.


Is anyone able to confirm that after downloading from the Tidal HiFi Plus tier to the Tidal HiFi tier they have not lost any albums in their Roon Library?