New qobuz service : hebdo personnalized playlist


Since last week, qobuz propose a personnalized playlist each week. It can’t be seen from roon.

Is there a chance that it can be played with roon soon ?



I’d also like to see that!

You can save the playlist and then like any other playlist it will sync to Roon on next scheduled sync or you force it to be quicker. Start to play the playlist go to play queue and save it. Job done. Adding new features from a provider isn’t something that will be added to Roon straightaway it will take time to implement and update their code to use it. As they have their schedule mapped out it likely take some time.

Here is mine in Qobuz

Saved as a playlist

In Roon in Playlist section.


Thank you for pointing this out. Roon’s daily mix performs a similar function, but with more artiste focus. I happen to prefer Qobuz’s broader approach.

I’m grateful too for Simon’s playlist suggestion…

Thanks for the workaround. But it is really only a workaround as doing it that way will not update the playlist when Qobuz updates it weekly. One’d always have to repeat that process.


I’m sure you can cope with updating 1 playlist a week if they are important to you. As I said don’t expect instant support for a brand new feature on any streaming services you won’t on any platform for a while as APIs and other code needs to be updated and Qobuz in this case need to to allow Roon access to it if it’s not part of their current data swaps. Just because it’s available in Qobuz doesn’t mean it’s available for all partners to add. Roon will be slower on the uptake most likely as it took years for then to add Tidal My Mixes. But who knows Qobuz front end is in need of an uplift like Tidal got but then they don’t have as much on offer as Tidal.

I would start a feature request thread about it , if you want to see it in Roon and others can add their support for it as well.

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How long did it take for your playlist to appear in Roon? I created a copy of the My Music Q playlist in Qobuz about 30 mins ago, sync’d Roon multiple times, restarted Roon server etc. No sign of it in Roon as yet….

Agree. This should be visible in roon.

Immediately after I pressed sync. Qobuz seems to have had issues yesterday with Roon as other users couldn’t log in so maybe related to that.

Of course. Let’s see how long it takes Roon to implement this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah maybe, I can login fine but that playlist still hasn’t appeared. Might have to raise it with support

Let me try again. I’ll delete it from Qobuz and Roon and try it again.

No issues saved it as Simon this time. Forced a sync instantly there.

Thanks Simon. I managed to get it to work but I had a few more steps than you; I had to create an empty playlist, add a couple of dummy tracks, sync that with Roon, then add the My Music Q queue to it in the Qobuz app, remove the dummy tracks a resync again. Ugh

Really, that’s odd. I just play the playlist click on the 3 dots create playlist click on + enter a name job done.

The plus button does seem a little buggy on Android. This is a Qobuz issue I guess

Sorry for sounding ignorant, but I don’t see how I can save a Qobuzz playlist as a playlist. Can you please explain the steps?

Look at posts above it shows you from the qobuz app. go to the playqueue click on 3 dot menu and select save playlist from the menu you can add to an existing one or create a new one with + symbol, name it, save it.

The problem is that I cannot figure out how to get the queue view. When I tlick on a playlist in Qobuz it starts playing, but not as a queue, so I don’t get the screen that says edit and has the three dots. I can only access individual tracks. What am I overlooking? I am doing all this on an Android tablet. Don’t tell me that’s it… Thanks for your patience!

So, when you are in the playlist view just click the big blue arrow to play the entire playlist. The first song should start playing but all other tracks from the playlist are in the “next tracks” section. From the next tracks view you can press the three dots in the top right corner and “create a playlist”.

Well, there you go. What is ‘playlist view’? In the Q app on my android tablet, below the blue banner Weekly Q , there is a row of Qobuz playlists. Each has a blue dot with a white arrow, as in play. I can either press that or tick the picture to start playback. I see a list of tracks but not in queue format. The screens that gipsy posted are simply not there. I will check if there is an update for the app…

I can save the weekly Qobuz playlist in the Qobuz app, and it shows in Roon under Qobuz > My Qobuz > My Playlists (named “Q Weekly”).

But it doesn’t show in Roon under My Stuff > Playlists (tried force sync with Qobuz multiple times, still no go)

I know this use to work because there are other Qobuz playlists I saved some time ago and they all show in Roon.