New recording technique from Dutch audiophile label

For those of you who like your coffee and music extra caffeinated, you might be interested in this article from Audiophile Style about One Mic Recordings from the Dutch label Sound Liaison. A new album utilizing this technique – Up Jumped the Devil – will be released by Carmen Gomes Inc. one week from today. I’m not certain whether the album will be released to the various music services or if it would need to be purchased from Sound Liaison (link to site here). At any rate, this is a development to follow!
Carmen Gomes


I see Audio Liaison albums on Tidal… Let’s hope we get to experiment the result of this new recording approach. BTW, there are older Carmen Gomes albums available with already great sound!

I am ever more convinced that proper recording and mastering technique is the single most influential and important aspect for our experiencing good sound in our homes… More than devices, cables, file formats or anything else…


Andreas, yes, I have saved this album on Tidal. Excellent recording. If you go to the Sound Liaison site, you may download a complimentary track from this album in different formats for comparison. I totally agree with you: proper recording and mastering techniques are of utmost importance.

Tonian Labs is been proving this for a while…

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This was released in 2019 with “One Microphone Recording” technique… It’s on Tidal…

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This one is shown on the Sound Liaison site but with a different cover. It’s not a One Mic Recording but it is really well done. Available on Tidal.

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Agree with you about Tonian Labs! See this thread.

I found these two. Both recorded with that special microphone they have

Pretty amazing SQ and the playing is lovely.
Michael Moore & Paul Berner plays “Home”.


The label is getting good reviews from all the audio magazines:
and I’ve seen their albums being used by several audio magazines for testing equipment.

the warmth and detail of this Quad amplifier is just as much in evidence with the immediacy of the single mike, single take recordings on Carmen Gomes Inc.'s Don’t You Cry set [Sound Liaison SL1030A; DSD256]. Playing the music in from my stripped-out ‘music’ Mac mini via the Vena II’s USB input, the sense of the musicians sitting in a group around the microphone is palpable, as is the emotion in Gomes’s voice as she cracks on the final phrases of Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’.

It’s a wonderfully intimate and affecting experience, and shows just what this little amplifier can do when fed with a high-quality recording.

**'This is about as simple a recording as you’re ever going to hear: two musicians, one microphone and each track performed live, straight to DXD recording – and it’s totally enchanting…all that spontaneity comes over in spades in this set, which has the usual Sound Liaison recording quality, plus that unmistakable sense of two musicians just bouncing off each other, improvising and making the shape of the songs up as they went along. This is as live as it gets, with a real "in the room with the musicians" impression.' —Andrew Everard, Hifi Critic**