New Release Albums missing additional info

A lot of the latest releases from Tidal are missing ratings, descriptions, lyrics, and even bios.

For example; Tame Impala “Currents” only shows released 17 Jul 2015. has rating and long review. Another one is Flo Morrissey “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful”. Just has release dates, nothing more. has rating and short review. I notice they don’t have a bio, so also missing from Roon. Saw that on another artist as well.

I’m still seeing albums from last week missing ratings and reviews. Just go to Tidal, What’s New, View All, and look at how many are missing dates, and ratings. Then look up album in allmusic. There are several that are also missing from allmusic as well but a good amount that do have info.

Part of music discovery is new music discovery and would expect to have the info available the same day the albums are released if your providers already have the info posted. Would make it easier to decide what to listen to instead of still having to rely on outside source.

Would also be nice to have some of the newly recommended Tidal albums show in our Discovery. I’ve seen other’s post about this, so will leave this alone.

We’re working on some ways of keeping our database more more tightly synced with Tidal – we’re hoping to make these changes soon, although there will always be a lag as new Tidal content is added to our database.

So 1.1 still hasn’t fixed this. Can you guys look into this.

You mentioned there could be a lag but here’s a few albums from Aug 7th that still don’t have info in Roon. I’d imagine you just pull a feed from allmusic, so not sure why it should take so long. I would only expect a few days lag. I’m really hoping you can upload the data the same day. None of Tidal’s new releases for last few weeks has any info. First album with info was released on Jul 31th. I’m trying to be reasonable, but almost a month wait is more than a lag.

Hey @iamoneagain – I agree that the current lag is not acceptable. This is an issue with our cloud database so it’s not related to the 1.1 release, unfortunately.

That said, we are aware of the issue. I just posted an update in another thread, and as I mentioned there, we’re hoping to have things worked out in the next few days.

Sorry for the trouble here – as mentioned at the link above, expect an update on this very soon. Thanks!

Thanks for quick reply.

As said, I love your interface and hope that these kind of things are just working out the bugs. I’d rather use Roon for all my needs in my home setup.

So this still seems to be an issue with the new releases today. has all the info but in Roon, I see some with no ratings but a review:

and this album has no rating or review: