"New releases for you" is great but

I really appreciate Roon adding this feature, but so far my recommendations have been terrible. Filled with genres I don’t even listen to and missing albums by artists I have favorited. Honestly, the Tidal app gives me better Recommendations and better New Releases For You content.


Not terrible for me. It does get better the more it’s used, but so far found a number of gems from this feature.

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Agree totally on the albums tab.

I’m listen mainly to electronic, hip hop and alternative but get recommendations for classical, film soundtracks, blues and pop.
Hardly any albums relevant to my library.

In contrast, the singles recommendations are right on point.

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You can remove albums from the list by selecting them and using the option in the selection menu.

I would like to get to this screen directly rather than via Overview.

Excellent idea! A "recommended for you"button, similar to the “Discover” feature.

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Good feedback here everyone. @Judelow’s suggestions are mostly product changes and we’ll definitely take those under consideration as this feature evolves.

In the near term, we are hoping to tune the recommendations a bit, so I’m particularly interested in changes we can make with regards to this feedback:

For @Nick @Wayne_Bull1 and anyone else having this experience, it would be hugely helpful to have:

  • A screenshot of what you’re seeing on the View All page
  • A description of why you think some of these picks are bad – the more details the better
  • Some picks you think we should be including, that aren’t in NRFY or in your library already
  • The name of the profile you use
  • A screenshot of your artist browser sorted by Most Played

I’m in the process of gathering this feedback now so we can do another pass on this, so feel free to PM me that information, or respond in this thread.


Sure, I’ll try to find time to do that over the weekend.

New Releases this week @mike. As you will see, I don’t have a full list as I dismissed previous suggestions.

Obviously there isn’t anything here relating to Electronic or Hip Hop.

Now, in contrast, singles for you is great…

Now my Most Played from Library

So looking at “most played” albums the 4Wheel Drive and the Roberto Fonseca would lead to the recommendation for the Gerald Cleaver, which is rather good suggestion (and recording, give it a listen :+1:). I can’t speak for any of the other recommendations.

But at least this clears up one “mystery” :smiley:

Yes I agree on that Ralph :+1::+1::+1:

Hopefully the suggestions will get better.

It’s not a big problem for me but like to help the Roon team when I can.

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My latest refresh…

New releases (albums) not working at all. Example: Celine Dion but I hate her music, etc etc. Single suggestions are 100% to my taste!

I only listen to classical / jazz, but new releases for you gives 95% not classical / jazz.

My album recommendations are still pretty poor. Removing stuff from the list does not seem to effect it at all either still get too much classical and jazz. Sorting by relavance titles that are weeks old show up, latest nothing of interest. It’s so bad I hardly look at it. When I go to Tidal or Spotify always something. Definitely needs some work

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@mike At first i thought this was an obvious question, but maybe it is not. How does Roon calculate Most Played Artists and Most Played Albums?

If songs are played via Playlists, does that add to an Album being considered played, or only if the Album is played from the Album itself or Album list?

The reason I ask is there are some Most Played Artists that I don’t think I play hardly at all. Is there a way of seeing the underlying data (like you can see song plays).


Mine have been absolutely terrible, and I can’t turn that nuisance off. I don’t need anyone “recommending” music for me. I just want to turn it off and be rid of the visual clutter. I don’t want this “feature” improved.
I just want it gone. I discover my music in plenty of other ways, and already have more than I can ever listen to.

It reminds me too much of online shopping, where we are bombarded with cross-sells in the sidebars and at the footers of pages, recommending other things we might be interested in.

Seriously. Let me turn off the recommendations. Everywhere in Roon. Please. I might even resubscribe when my year’s up if that happens.


I have no issue with your request to disable recommendations, but I want to make clear, since you quote me, that I do want recommendations. I often find things thru Tidal recommendations. I just want Roon recommendations to be better.

Where is “New Releases For You” located?

I can’t see it anywhere!


Left corner: Browse - Overview