New Releases for You not really working


I gave it a chance in the last months, but I don’t see this feature as working.

  1. If there are ‘releases for me’ listed, I expect to see there all new albums of every artist I have liked, have in playlists or maybe even listened. That is not a case.

  2. There is often few days of delay when new albums appear there. Albums get released on Friday, I look at new albums on Friday and I expect to see them in ‘releases for me’ on Friday when I wake up. I’m sure there is technology that would make that possible.

Anyhow, for most of new releases, I must rely on other sources, which is disappointing and makes this feature not working as expected.

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  1. Won’t happen as the feed relies on the streaming companies bundling the metadata roon needs on top of the tracks then sending it in their regular transfers.

I understand that and, while it’s sad you cannot negotiate to have more frequent updates on Friday, it still doesn’t explain what’s (not) happening.

For example, I have liked and listened before Seasick Steve and even have it in playlists, his new album was released on Nov 27th and it doesn’t appear in the New Releases for You. I’m sure I’d be able to get a dozen of examples from the past.

And one additional question. When I do a simple search in Roon for The White Stripes and see the new album The White Stripes Greatest Hits released today, do I see this result based on metadata Roon has or the search was forwarded to Tidal?

Roon only searches in the metadata it already has.
I’m just a user like you.

Oh, sorry, you somehow made impression you are an Roon employee. :smiley:

Anyhow, that would mean that Roon had all data it needed to put The White Stripes album in the “New Releases for You” list, but hasn’t…

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