New releases from the future [Roon Investigating]

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Description of Issue

The new releases landing page shows albums from the future, is this expected?

I believe so yes.
It happens with my home page and I think if a release has been scheduled for that date and the information released to Roon it has a chance it will populate your lists.

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I’ve noticed a few of those recently (using Qobuz) - if I then click on one of the albums, one or more tracks will usually be available to play as prerelease selections.


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This is expected behaviour, AFAIK. As @Michael_Curtis says, the pre-release will have one or more tracks available. The full album becomes available on the release date.

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I’ve brought this up before and the problem is actually larger than you describe. Roon should sort this out with Qobuz. The worst offender of recent was the No Time to Die soundtrack as they released a single then delayed the release of the movie over a year causing the entire album to be delayed a year. This left most tracks of the album “unavailable” for over a year.

The behavior, as I see it, is when Qobuz releases a single they publish the album information for where that single comes from at the same time; marking the rest of the tracks as unavailable. However Roon picks-up this album as “new” when it hits their catalog ignoring the fact the release date is in the future. Tidal does not do this or at least only does it by a few days.

There are two ways to solve this:

  1. Qobuz needs to just stop “releasing” albums to Roon with such ridiculous future release dates.
  2. Roon needs to honor and start recognizing these future dates on their platform and stop showing them as “released” just because they learned of them from Qobuz.

Now, why is this such a problem? Going back to my No Time to Die example… This album showed up in “New Releases” 12+ months before you could listen to it and then never appeared again. The definition of a “New Release” should be universally accepted as when it arrives on the rack and I can hold it. Not when the label announces its release date.

I feel Roon really needs to check the release dates on the metadata they are getting from Qobuz and make sure they build “New Releases” from those dates not the date they learned of the release.

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I agree with your point of view here. To me I would rather see a fully available new release for an album. Perhaps the partial new tracks should live elsewhere. It’s a tad disappointing seeing a release not available for months.

For reference I am a Tidal user, so don’t think it’s specific to Qobuz.

This issue or a variant of it caused an issue for me several months ago. I had added a pre-release track from a tidal album to my collection. It played OK but I forgot all about the actual album release date. When I eventually realised the full album was available, none of the tracks would play. They were all marked as unavailable when I tried to play them until I deleted the standalone pre-release track from my library. Only then would the full album play.

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Yes that’s happened to me too.

I wouldn’t mind the future releases showing up if they were actually available upon release but this aspect of having to remove the album and add it again adds insult to injury :frowning:



My thoughts exactly John.

Hey everyone :wave:

Thanks so much for bringing up this topic :pray:

Our team is now aware of this behavior and are investigating :nerd_face:

Please, stay tuned :blush: