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I am using Roon along with my Tidal subscription and I notice that the “New Releases” section is not showing me new releases as expected.

For example: Riley Green has just released a new single called “Miles On Maine”. This does not show in my “New Releases” Section at all. Yet if I search Riley Green and view his discography it is there.

One of my prime reasons for using Roon is for music discovery and new releases is very important to me. Can you advise why this is not working as expected.

Same here on Qobuz. Core on ROCK on NUC, 33k tracks, remote on iPad.

The usability of Roon seems to be suffering from neglect of base functions. A lot of attention goes to new (in my view surpluvious) functions, when base functions such as management of library and music discovery are not up to scratch.

May I suggest a sabbatical for the marketing team, and doubling down for the quality assurance team. A year to start with…


The topic of new releases has been discussed here to death. Usually every Friday with the new releases :slight_smile:

Roon needs time to sync with the streaming services. Some releases will show instantly and some will take a couple of days.

Someone really needs to make this a sticky on here.


Sorry if this is repeated, I’m new to Roon.

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With little tricks, you can do it faster. Make playlist in the app, synchronize manually with Roon…

Yeah, I’m not buying it. Pre 1.8 my roon new releases were there on day one and i usually found 6-10 new, interesting albums. Since 1.8 it takes almost a week from release date to see any new albums and they mostly don’t reflect my library, my played albums or my preferences. Its pretty much useless and I usually these days go into the Tidal and qobuz sections to see if there is anything new I like.

Something has gone wrong since 1.8 to my mind and discovery is borked.

Neither am I: latest “new release” dates back to may 10th.

May I suggest to open your eyes: to much new development, too little quality control and regression testing.

Are you talking about the “New releases for you” on the Home Page or more specifically about the non-availability of new albums in Roon on their release date?

It’s often a bit hit and miss. If you go into the tab for your streaming service, you’ll see a much fuller list. Although this doesn’t provide a tailored suggestion list.

With me it’s that one.

Yes, I’m referring to the “New Releases for You” section.

That section is pretty much useless :slight_smile: I’ve complained about it many times and gave up eventually. To me, as it stands, it’s just wasted screen real estate.

Thanks for the suggestion but that’s not the kind of functionality we’re paying $100 a year for.

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