New Roon Nucleus, Can't Start Server/Update OS

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Roon Nucleus (latest)

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Nest Wi-Fi Mesh, wired Ethernet

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Fresh install of Roon Nucleus Version 1.0 (build 175) stable. Roon Server Software will not start. Tried rebooting, unplugging, restarting, resetting database. Using WebUI, successfully added ffmepg to Codecs folder. No issue with internet connection. OS Reinstall/update fails.

I’ve had no issues running v2.0 core from laptop or using ARC. Just need help in getting Nucleus set up so I can move away from using laptop as Roon core.


You should not need to update codecs, I think something went funny when you hit reinstall.

I’ll get the store helpdesk to reach out to you in the morning. Leave the unit on and maybe they can just update it remotely.

sent you a force update, all seems to be good now.

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Cool, thank you! It updated to 2.0 and adding in music now.

One more question. Trying to setup multichannel playback and am a bit confused on connections. Looking for a link/guide. Currently using network DAC/streamer with internal SSD(2.0 and 5.1 files) connected to AVR analog inputs. Getting 2 channel/MQA fine. Do I just need to connect one of the hdmi outs from Nucleus to a free hdmi input on AVR? What is the endpoint player for 5.1?

What’s your network DAC/Streamer? It might be possible to use HDMI for multichannel, but it depends on the device. Certainly using the Nucleus HDMI output connected to your AVR would give you multichannel support. Then you’d be using the DAC in the AVR.

I’m using the Hi-fi Rose 150b as streamer. If I just connect an hdmi to AVR from Roon Nucleus I’m not seeing an alternate audio endpoint.

You won’t see the AVR as an alternate endpoint if you are connecting the Rose via HDMI to it. As far as Roon is concerned, the Rose is the endpoint…

Only the analog out RCA are connected to AVR from the Rose.

I figured it out. I configured the hdmi 0-4 as 7.1. And selected the first one. Getting Multiple Channel in on AVR now. Yay! Just curious, why does it apparently show 4 hdmi on Roon app if there are just 2 hdmi inputs on Roon Nucleus?

Two of them are internal to the Intel motherboard used in the Nucleus, I believe.

Okay‚ I’ll good now. Time to get listening. Thanks for your help :grinning:

fixed up, just reboot and you’ll see them renamed properly.

Wow! Awesome, whatever you did also fixed up missing channels/mapping issues. Enjoying multichannel goodness, thank you so much!
Have a great weekend.

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