New Roon Nucleus + not seeing local network to access music files

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Version 1.0 (build 227) stable

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Netgear Progear 24 port network switch.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
All Meridian gear connected only by ethernet connections.

Description Of Issue
I just received a new Nucleus + from my dealer to replace Roon running on an HP computer which replaced crashed NAS which had the Roon core running on it.

The HP with Roon Core worked fine but upon setting up new + I cannot get the local network devices to show up on the Nucleus+ and my networked devices do not see the Nucleus + for adding folders with music on them from NAS and PC and Macs.

I can switch the core back to the PC and all the devices do show up and I can access the folders.

I have tried reinstalling software and all other resets and I still not show any devices on the new Nucleus+.

It will connect to my Tidal account and play music through my networked Meridian system on new Nucleus+ and it is connected to same Netgear router.

How do I get the new Nucleus + to see other devices and folders on same local network?

All files show up when I move the core to any other device.

Are you using fixed IP address or dhcp on the new nucleus+? Can you screen shot the web GUI page for the N+ And post here

Hi @Richard_Eller,

What happens when you try to add a networked watched folder in Roon? Are you getting any error messages? What is the path you’re entering? Can you share a screenshot?

Nothing shows up to select

I don’t see the Roon on the pc and I dont see any file to select on the Roon. I only have the music file:


which is listed on my PC but the Roon does not allow me to right click and copy and paste from the PC onto the Roon program. When I switch back to the Roon core on the PC it picks up this file and shows the other devices on the network (all wired) but the Roon is showing nothing. I dont know what to copy and paste to direct it to the computer it is not acknowledging. Also, the Roon Nucleus does not show up under devices on network on my pc.

Hi Richard,

Not official support, just another friendly user. Hopefully, the following information might help.

Well, I am assuming you are trying to access the Nuclues via a Windows PC. You might have to do a couple of things on the Windows PC.

  1. Enable SMB1
  1. Set the “Enable Insecure Guest Logins”

If you have any storage IN the Nucleus (other than the OS drive which cannot be used to store music) or an attached USB drive, then you should be able to navigate in your File Manager with \\Nucleus\


Adding a share to the Nucleus from your Windows PC, would require to you

  1. Make sure you have setup the Directory on the PC as a SHARED folder.
  2. Enter the Share location using the \\host\share the host can be either the IP of the computer or the computer host name, you might have to try either.
  3. You might also have to enter the username and password for that PC.

Specific directions can be found here:

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Thanks for the help, it still did not work. Installed Roon on my Apple Mac (new), and old, separate Windows 8 computer, and Windows 10 computer. Through all of them Roon does not see NAS with music, and no other devices. I can move core to other computer and they see the other devices and music folders. I uninstalled the software and settings on Nucleus and it still does not see anything on the network and they do not see it. I swapped cables with working computer and no change. Brand new Nucleus + which is only 2 days old. Very frustrated, what now?

Hello @Richard_Eller, my apologies for the frustration here but I’m happy to get things going for you. Could you connect the Nucleus directly through the router so we can simplify your setup and eliminate any possible issues with the switch?

Ok, I just moved it and plugged directly into the router and restarted. Still getting the blank screen as above where it is not finding any devices but I can play my saved albums on Tidal through it. It is connecting to my Meridian system for playback through the intranet.

I also now just connected one of my laptops to the same router with cable and still no devices show up and it does not see Roon as a device. My Apple sees Roon as a device but it does not show

The Apple also saw the Roon when the Roon was connected through the switch but the Roon does not see anything regardless of where it is wired into.

Hello @Richard_Eller, could you please show me a screenshot of the share settings for the Windows 10 folder? I’d like to verify that folder sharing is set up and to verify the file path. Also, have you enabled SMB as rugby suggested using these directions? Please let me know if you have any questions about this process and we’ll work from there. Thanks!

What is the Windows 10 share folder and how do I find it? The Nucleus is also not seeing the music or device Apple or NAS, not just the Windows computer. Let me know how to find please.

From your comments it appears as though you are not familiar with computer networks, so can we just take a step back and reconsider what it is you are trying to do? Let me list the situation as I see it.

  1. You have had a NAS running a Roon Core, and that has crashed.
  2. You moved the Roon Core to an HP computer as a result. A question: where are your local music files being held? Still on the NAS, or have they also been moved to the HP?
  3. You have purchased a Nucleus+ from your dealer. From the screenshot you posted earlier of the Nucleus+ Web Administration interface, the Nucleus+ has a 4TB drive installed for storage of your music files.
  4. I would think that you will be wanting to transfer your local music files from their current location (on the NAS or the HP) across to the Nucleus+. Therefore the first task is to be able to see the Nucleus+ in the Network section of the Windows File Explorer. Have you tried entering \\Nucleusplus\ into the address field of the Windows File Explorer? What happens when you do this?

Try this first, and get back to us with the results. As an aside, I find it a little disappointing that you don’t seem to be getting any help in setting up your system from your dealer. That’s what they are supposed to be there for, IMO.

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