New Roon Server Setup Playback Issues on Pioneer LX87 via USB [Resolved]


im on the free roon trial which i installed roon server on the following gear
Antec ISK600 ITX Case
Intel i7-6700K Skylake CPU
MSI Z170i Gaming Pro AC ITX Motherboard
16GB (2 x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 2400MHz DDR4
Corsair H75 AIO CPU cooler
Corsair CXM600 - 600W Semi Modular PSU
240GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD
windows 10

pioneer lx87 reciever with the pc conected via usb to the pioneers usb dac
music on external harddrive conected by usb to pc server

im using another standard pc as remote at the moment.

ive just started to listen to some music after all my music was imported,
my problem is after about 10 mins the music suddenly stops even though the roon remote displays its still playing same thing happens using internet radio.
when i try to switch between music files and internet radio to get it playing i get the message transport in use,only way to get the music to play again is to switch amp off and on again and same issue happens again.
i will be using a nuc with rock next month but i thought id try it on my pc.
i will be going to a lifetime membership once trial runs out as i love the sound/interface.
any ideas please

I assume you are running some version of Windows…but what drivers for the Pioneer USB connection?

The other thing is is the Core PC going to sleep?

Are you running the Core as Roon.exe or RoonServer.exe

a search here for “pioneer lx87 usb” turns up some others here using it.


yes running windows 10.
not sure if the pc going to sleep[pc and server been running not turned pc or core server off]
i have the right driver on the pc for the pioneer as ive played music from my pc without issue.
running core as roonserver exe.

sleep checking should be an easy fix/check to make. see how that pans out…2am here so I am about to sleep myself :slight_smile: so might not reply for a while…but @support guys might pick it up. Topic updated to reflect LX87 too.

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cheers for your input goodnite

Hi @gary ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you’ve made with us. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I am curious, did you ever check the sleep settings as suggested by @wizardofoz? Just wondering if that troubleshooting exercise yielded any change in results.

Furthermore, can you please provide me with the following:

  • During your troubleshooting of this behavior, have you tried playing back directly out of the internal speakers (or to a set of head phones) , thus temporarily bypassing the LX87 to see if you notice the same behavior?

  • Are there any other application that are active besides Roon, when you are noticing this behavior?

  • Can you please provide me with screenshots of…

  • Your signal path leaving Roon when you notice the issue occurring.

  • The playback settings you are using with the LX87 in Roon. This information can be obtained by going into “settings”, “audio”, then clicking the gear next to the desired audio zone (i.e the LX87), and choosing “device setup”. I am looking for complete screenshots of the “playback” tab.


hi eric

my pc server which is a new build was updating to the latest windows 10 once finished i tried to play a album which played all the way through i will try internet radio tomorrow all seems fine at the moment,ill report back tomorrow,this is a temp setup till i get my nuc rock system setup.

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just reporting back,played an album and a few hours of internet radio with no problems,loving the sound and the roon display.
roon is giving my music a new lease of life even internet radio sounds better through roon than it did through my pioneers inbuilt internet radio.
thank you for your great work will be buying the lifetime next month or so.

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Thank you for the follow up @gary! Happy listening!


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