New Roon user needs Roon remote opinions

I say “new”…I actually just joined the community as I am going to download the trial here in the next week or so. Having said that, I am pretty sure that I will sign-up for a year and give Roon a chance to win me over…

I feel I am good with Core hardware as I have a newer laptop that will be dedicated for just this specific purpose. However, the remote is another cluster altogether.

I have read thru numerous other threads regarding devices used as a Roon remote, and the more I read, the more I keep changing my mind on what I should use. I am leaning towards a cheaper tablet option, most likely either a:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite or A8
Amazon Fire HD 8 or 10

I understand that Roon Remote is available in the Amazon App Store as well as Google Play…so no issues there. However, I would also like to use the tablet for playback control of JRiver thru the JRemote2 app - and that app is only available via Google Play.

I understand there is a way to somehow side load Google Play on a Fire tablet…is this a simple process or given my scenario should I stick with a full android tablet such as the Samsung?

Right now, the cost for either the Samsung or Amazon tablets (without lockscreen ads) are similar between the same sizes…is there any specific reason to go with a Fire over the Galaxy? What about screen display? Is one noticeably better than the other? I am also unsure whether an 8 inch tablet will do or if I really need a 10 inch version.

What are your thoughts regarding these specific models I have specified?

You can also use your laptop as control device. Just install the full Roon software. I much prefer a laptop over a tablet.

I also use an iPhone, iPad Mini 6, and iPad 8th Generation.

@Jim_F Thanks for the reply. I use my laptop primarily for business and I’d rather not mix business with pleasure…thus the reason for my post. What makes a laptop the better option in your opinion?

Screen size depends on your eyes. Many prefer bigger tablets. For the money the Fire tablets especially during black friday/cyber monday are hard to beat. But, personally, I use a Samsung S8+.

What a timely post. I’m awaiting delivery of a Samsung A7 Lite today. I didn’t want a screen that’s too big, so that model suits my needs.

I’ve used a Fire HD 8 that I borrowed. It’s great for Roon, but I wanted to be able to use the tablet for a few other things as well. I didn’t like the restrictive nature of Fire Tablets, although it is still possible to install Google Play Store on these devices (as long as you follow instructions precisely!).

Be aware that you must have above a certain size to get the full tablet functionality in Roon, not just the limited phone interface a bit larger. I don’t know what the exact required screen size is, though

The Fire HD8 gives phone functionality in portrait and tablet functionality in landscape - best of both worlds!

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I don’t know that, interesting. But a 7" Galaxy?

The A7 Lite has an 8.7 inch screen and so is bigger than the Fire HD8.

I see. Not a ideal name :joy:

I think it’s a series number. A7 is the first number given over to Tablets. It is quite confusing though!

I have a Samsung Galaxy A 10.1 and it’s 10 inch. Would have been annoyed if it had turned to be a different size after unpacking :smiley:

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Unless I’ve misunderstood… your laptop will need to be on (and - preferably - hard wired to your router) running Roon anyway, so using it as an interface for setup seems no big problem; use your phone as remote. Get a feel for how it works and - more importantly - how you use it before buying anything new?


Hello Brad and welcome…

Sounds (no pun intended) like you have a very good grasp of things. Good luck and I hope you enjoy Roon like the rest of us here. As you will learn more about Roon, you will see that there are literally thousands of ways to approach this hobby. Enjoy.


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WiFi is not ideal to use for a core computer. And as noted it must be on as and when you need to access roon with whatever remote devices you want to use. It’s also not an instant start depending on the size of your music library. This may also be problematic if the library is larger as laptops tend to be less capable cpu wise.

Samsung. Less hassle than Amazon. Updates show up sooner on Google, some apps not available on Amazon.

Also, after using a tablet to control roon for a while, you’ll probably wish you had gotten a 10". Might be worth the few extra bucks.

Which is it?

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Simple process, here’s a guide:

Maybe he is using a new private laptop as the core but it is out of reach, and he is sitting most of the time in front of the business laptop. Not a contradiction necessarily

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Hmm, you understand that the Roon Core on your laptop also has the functions that you would have by using another device for Remote, right?

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