New Ropieee Stable Release (4.002)

Would you explain please, why there is no Roon Bridge version 1.8 (806) in latest Ropieee 4.002 release?
Does it mean that newest Roon Bridge 1.8 for Linux ist worse then 1.7 version and should not be used also in other Linux bridge installations - like DietPi for example?

See here for an explanation…

Thank you, but this does not explain much, because Bridge 1.8 for Linux for a while now works stably in DietPi - so why not in newest RoPieee?

Updated 2 RPi-4’s and a Rpi-3 without any issues.
I like the new update progress window.

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As @spockfish said

I’m with Diet-Pi currently and there the update was triggered via Roon’s “About” in settings.

OK - but I still don’t understand what for Roon is making this “dust” and install 1.8 on DietPi, but no on RoPieee?

Get yourself a drink, cue up some music and lean back - it very likely won’t sound any different with the old version, unless you caught Audio Nervosa by reading some of the more loony threads on this forum…
Just my 2 cts, cheers


If you install from scratch you will get the 1.8.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, @spockfish, since updating both the RoPieee XL to 4.002 and my MacBook yesterday, the AirPlay capability of the RoPieee is unavailable and I cannot access it through Safari. I love my setup, so I would love some help in this issue. Thanks!